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Are Landlord Associations Useful for Landlords?

landlords association

Joining a Landlords Association Being a landlord comes with a multitude of responsibilities and challenges. Landlords often face legal issues, tenant disputes, and the need to stay updated with ever-changing regulations. In such situations, joining a landlord association can be a wise decision.  These associations offer valuable resources, support, and networking opportunities for landlords. This article will explore the benefits …

American Apartment owner’s association AAOA | 2023 Overview


About the American Apartment owner’s association AAOA The American Apartment owners association, also known as the AAOA, was created in 2004 by professional landlords & property managers. They came together to create the American Apartment Owners Association. It is an established and well-run organisation which is the main reason many property professionals have become members. Their function is to provide …

Westcountry Landlords Association | Overview 2021


Westcountry Landlords Association Westcountry Landlords Association, also known as WLA, is a membership organisation for residential landlords that is not for profit. Although the Westcountry Landlords Association is not a national landlords association, like the BLA or the NRLA. It still provides a good selection of services, products, and support to its members. Membership benefits include: Free tenancy agreements Eviction …

NRLA National Residential Landlords Association | About the NRLA 2021


NRLA – National Residential Landlords Association – About the NRLA  The National Residential Landlords association, also known as the NRLA, is the UK’s largest membership organisation for private residential landlords. They cover England, Wales & Scotland and their offices are in London. However, to the best of our knowledge, they do not cover Northern Ireland. The two landlord’s association, the …

The Guild of Residential Landlords GRL | Overview 2021

Guild of Residential Landlords

About the Guild of Residential Landlords GRL The Guild of Residential Landlords is a landlords’ association. The Guild of Residential Landlords was set up about 30 years ago. The association initially operated in the southwest, places like Plymouth, Weston Super Mare, Bristol, and Cardiff. Because of this, membership is still considerable in these areas. In 2000 the association took on …

Jersey Landlords Association JLA | Overview of JLA


Jersey Landlords Association The Jersey Landlords Association, also known as JLA, is, as the name suggests, a landlord’s association in Jersey. The association is run by its members to promote, support, and improve the relationships between landlords & tenants. All Jersey landlord’s association committee members are landlords too. They come from a background of various professions, which brings a wealth …

Darlington District Private Landlord’s Association | Overview 2021


Darlington District Private Landlord’s Association Darlington District Private Landlord’s Association is a not-for-profit organisation. A founding partner of the property advertisement network. The members are private landlords who own residential rental property in Darlington. The association was founded in 1993, and they strive to represent, support and train their members. The association currently has about 150 members. Darlington District …

Barnsley Residential landlord Association RLA – 2021 Overview


Barnsley Residential landlord Association  Barnsley Residential landlord Association, also known as Barnsley RLA, was Founded in 1996 by a small click of local Barnsley Landlord. They wanted to better their management skills. It was set up to help members keep up with new government legislation, especially with an ever-changing private letting sector. The Association has grown rapidly through regular meetings …

Devon Landlords Association | Informaton and an Overview

Devon landlords association

Landlord Association in Devon Devon Landlords Association is an association for landlords in the South West of England. They provide help, advice and support for all its members. You can join the Devon Landlords Association for a little as £65. Single membership, joint membership and corporate membership is available too. All members have to abide by the code of practice …

iHowz landlord association | Southern Landlords Association


Information About IHOWZ iHowz is a UK based landlord association that used to be known as Southern Landlords Association. iHOWZ traces its roots back to 1974 when a group of landlords in Brighton, West Sussex, banded together to represent their local authority views. They cover the South of England and are a regional association, unlike some of the other associations, …

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