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landlord credit & referencing 2020Credit Reference Checks

The British Landlord Association tenant credit check service for landlords is a tenant screening process that uses various credit reference agencies to ascertain if the prospective tenant has a poor credit history. 

Letting agent and landlords should always do a credit check to see if your prospective tenants have had problems paying bills in the past. This is a good indication of the tenants if they will pay the rent on time. 

The British Landlords Association offers members a comprehensive tenant credit screening which includes a tenant reference.

If a tenant has a guarantor, the guarantor should also have a credit check done as well.

Private landlords and letting agents should ensure that their prospective tenants can pay their rent and check if they are suitable to live at their property.

This can be done by requesting a tenant reference from the previous landlord, which is like submitting references when applying for a new job and shouldn’t be a cause of concern for the potential tenant.

It is a good idea to reference and meet prospective tenants in person if you are managing the property yourself.

What is included in a landlord credit report?

Employment verification, Income references, ID verification, Previous landlords, references Affordability calculation, Linked Address, previous addresses, Identity & Fraud Information CCJ’s – County Court Judgements, Right to Rent Check Bankruptcy Electoral Roll check Alias name search. 

The Credit report also includes credit references for the right to rent legislation too.

Credit & Reference FAQ

Yes, you do; download our free tenancy application form, which also contains tenants consent to enable you to carry out the necessary checks.

Download form

How do I obtain written proof for the authority from the tenant?

Use the tenancy application; use the above link. Alternatively, you can use any other document that gives you consent from the tenant to carry out credit & reference checks, and it does not need to be our form.

Can I download free reference templates for my use?

Yes, you can, The British Landlord Association provides a host of various free templates to download.

What happens next?

Once you have the consent, then you can order the credit & reference report.

What info do I need?

Our partner platform will require the following information:

Tenant full name

Telephone number

Email address

Address of the let property.

The rent you are charging PCM/Week.

Amount deposit to be paid by the tenant, if applicable

Is the property furnished?

Are any bills included?

The rest of the information is sought directly from the tenant by our platform.

What steps do I have to go through on your website?

Buy a credit & reference report, and then after payment, you will be directed to the form where you enter the necessary information for the prospective tenant(s).

Can I have the credit check done without referencing as well?

No, the report would be incomplete; both are done at the same time.

How long does it take to do a credit check?

It usually is done within 24 hours. However, it does mostly depend on the prospective tenant how quickly they will respond to the information requested by our platform.

Will you give a credit score or what results, and how do I use them to decide on a tenant?

Yes, there is grading, so you can choose to accept or decline the tenant.

What is a tenant screening?

Tenant screening is a process that landlords and lettings agents use to check if the tenant has a bad credit history.

The tenant screening process verifies a prospective tenant’s true identity to check; they are who they say they are and assess the likelihood they will pay the rent when it falls due.

The tenant screening process also assesses the integrity of the potential tenant with reference checks from previous landlords. This gives you peace of mind; they will look after the property and comply with the tenancy obligations.

At the end of a series of checks, including identity, employment and income verification, you can make an informed decision about whether to approve a tenants applicant for a tenancy.

How to screen potential tenants?

Tenant background checks can be done manually by verifying the prospective tenant’s information on their tenancy application form.

This usually includes contacting individual employers and referees and discussing the suitability of a tenant. The most cost-effective and method is to use The BLA tenant screening and reference checking services.