BLA Wales


Landlords Association Wales

BLA  Wales – British Landlords Association, a national landlords association also covering Wales.

Help to make a property fit to let in Wales

The Welsh Government scheme “Houses into Homes” can provide funding to enable a property to be made fit to let. Applications for the “Houses into Homes” are made through the local authority. More information about the scheme is available on the Welsh Government website at

Compulsory landlord registration and licensing in Wales

The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 requires all landlords with property in Wales to register with Rent Smart Wales and to either be licensed themselves if they’re ‘self-managing’ or use a licensed agent.

If a landlord in Wales does not register, is unlicensed, or uses an unlicensed agent, then Rent Smart Wales may issue a fine. Click here for guidance notes letting a property in Wales.

Average saving for a member is £634.16

Average saving for a member per year (landlord with 2 properties these savings are from free products and products that are discounted) is £634.16

Just some of the benefits of joining the British Landlords Association are;

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