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Shergroup is one of the leading High Court enforcement companies in the UK. They have a national and international presence with unrivalled expertise dealing with eviction for commercial and residential landlords.

Shergroup is an approved service provider to the British Landlords Association, providing exclusive discounted service for BLA members throughout England & Wales.

Need to trace a tenant to chase a debt they can help you, need a high court enforcement officer to pursue a debt they can help you there too!

Shergroup Enforcement agents are fully certificated, and their enforcement agents are experienced dealing with the Writ of control, County Court judgments, or High court action. They have vast experience when dealing with business premises.

They can deal with all types of Writs of Control, Commercial or residential premises. Where a county court, in some cases, may take three months to action an eviction, Shergroup can act within days provided you have permission for high court enforcement.

You can discuss your requirement or explore the types of enforcement, methods of enforcement and the cost of enforcement action.

Discounted Bailiff service for all BLA members

Once a possession order expires, if your tenant fails to give up vacant possession of the let property, then you can use Shergroup if required. This is a discounted service for all BLA members.

Once an application for the eviction has been made to the Court, the court bailiff will issue a warrant number. Once you have a warrant number, the county court bailiff will issue the landlord and the tenant a date and time of the eviction.

County court bailiffs face the excessive workload

County court bailiffs face excessive workload, and at the moment (15/03/2021), due to COVID-19, it generally takes 10 to 16 weeks for the Bailiff to evict a tenant.

Beware bailiffs will not carry out the eviction where a landlord has failed to provide the bailiff risk assessment form, even if it’s gone astray in the post or the court office.

The Bailiff will not inform you in advance that they have not received the form; they will not turn it up at the eviction date. We strongly recommend that you email the form to the Bailiff and post it too.

The Court requires the landlord or agent to complete a risk assessment questionnaire to highlight any risk in advance of the eviction. If you have not received a risk assessment form, then please contact the Court.

Should I use a High Court Bailiff or a County Court Bailiff?

A High Court Bailiff (High enforcement officer) is much quicker than a County Court Bailiff.

You need to seek to leave (permission) to use the High Court enforcement procedure. This should be pleaded in the claim for possession.

Your court advocate should, in turn, plead with the judge to be given leave to use the High Court enforcement officers at the court hearing. Some Judges may be unhappy with the request, as they may feel the Court can deal with the eviction promptly and may refuse to grant leave.

Once leave has been granted, then your possession claim can be transferred to the High Court. This involves further paperwork and a court fee.

For many properties in London, it makes financial sense to use high court enforcement due to potential rent loss and delay in eviction by using a county court bailiff.

If you want to use the county or high court route, Shergroup can quickly deal with the eviction on your behalf as a BLA member.

Check our FAQ below the form, or download – What bailiffs can and cannot do, click here.

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