Landlords Association BLA DPS Insured Scheme – For British Landlords Association members

DPS Insured Scheme – For British Landlords Association members

British Landlords Association members have the benefit of using DPS to protect a tenants deposit. You will pay a reduced fee as a BLA member by using the DPS Insured Scheme. The process is a very simple process and your unique discount code is; BLA1218

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What is DPS ADR Procedure?  

Is the procedure for you the Landlord submitting your evidence form and the tenant’s evidence form to DPS.

What is the DPS adjudication?

this means an evidence-based decision-making process set by DPS which results in a decision about how a dispute between the landlord and tenant can be resolved.

What if I sell the property with the tenant in it?

you will need to complete the DPS Change of Landlord/ Agent Form you can do this online by notifying DPS that there has been a change in the identity of the Landlord.

What does DPS mean?

It means The Deposit Protection Service (DPS)

What is a DPS landlord ID?

This is the unique identifying reference number that DPS give to the Landlord when they register with the scheme.

DPS Prescribed Information 

This is the information which must be provided by the Landlord to Tenant(s) in accordance with the Housing (Tenancy Deposits) Prescribed Information Order 2007. This a legal requirement.

Overview of how the Scheme works

The Tenant pays the Landlord the Deposit in accordance with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement. If the Landlord chooses to register the Deposit with an insured tenancy deposit scheme, the Housing Act 2004 requires that the Landlord must register the Deposit within 30 calendar days of physically receiving it. The DPS will, however, accept Deposit registrations after this time.

Following the successful protection of a Deposit, The DPS will provide confirmation of protection and other information to the Landlord and Tenant as detailed further in Section 12. The Landlord must provide the Prescribed Information to the Tenant.

At the end of the Tenancy, the Landlord and Tenant should attempt to agree the basis for part or all the Deposit to be returned by the Landlord to the Tenant.

If there is a Dispute regarding the return of all or part of the Deposit the Dispute will be dealt with in accordance with these Insured Scheme Terms and Conditions (see Sections 17 to 21) unless The DPS is notified otherwise in writing.

If a Tenant has no current address for the Landlord or the Landlord fails to respond to the Tenant’s written notice asking whether the Landlord accepts that the Tenant should be paid some or all of the Deposit within 14 calendar days of the end of the Tenancy, the Tenant should follow the End of Tenancy process (as detailed in Section 17).

What happens after the deposit has been protected?

DPS will provide written confirmation that a Deposit is protected to you the landlord by post or your email address.

Ways to Contact The DPS

The Online Service


The telephone: 0330 303 0033.

What is the address for DPS: The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol BS99 6AA

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