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Direct access to practising housing lawyers

Landlord Advice Line operated by the BLA gives members direct access to practising housing lawyers, who are experts in housing law.

Our landlord advice line is managed by consultants who have a wealth of experience dealing with bad tenants.

Recent research has shown that our members have voted our Landlord Advice Line as one of their most valued benefits. The landlord advice line is free to all members of the BLA.

Landlord Advice line top 7 Inquiries include:

1. What is the process in evicting a bad tenant?

If you have grounds to evict a tenant, you can start the eviction process by serving a Section 8, or 21 notice on your tenant.

Once the notice has expired, then you can consider going to court, to claim vacant possession of your property. The grounds for serving a Section 8 eviction notice are set out in Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988, as amended by the Housing Act 1996. 

The usual reasons for evicting a tenant are rent arrears. If you are successful in court, the court generally will award you a 14-day possession order. Should your tenant not vacate after the 14 days, you will need to instruct a county court bailiff, to be physical evict your tenant. If your a member of The BLA, then ring our Landlord Helpline for free advice.

2. Tenancy deposit protection issue?

Your tenancy deposit protection scheme offers a free dispute resolution service. You can use this if you disagree with your tenant about the deposit.

Landlords who fail to protect the tenant’s deposit or give the prescribed information to the tenant within 30 days of receipt will be liable to pay the tenant compensation. The compensation is between 1 and 3 times the deposit as a financial penalty, and the court can order the landlord to return the deposit, too.

3. A student tenant wants to swap with another student. Can I do this?

You must first check your contract if there is a clause in the contract allowing you to do this. If the parties have signed a fixed-term agreement with no such clause, then you will need to seek legal advice on how to deal with this. Members can use the BLA’s free landlord advice helpline.

4. Question on creating a new tenancy? 

It is a good idea to use tenancy application forms. You can download a tenancy application form from our download section. If you are not a member, you must register before you can access the member’s area. Membership with the British Landlords Association is £69.95 per year.

5. I want to let my property. Do I need to tell my lender?

In a nutshell, No! If you fail to tell your lender, you will be in breach of the conditions of the mortgage contract.

Lenders are active in combining properties that have been advertised on the rental market without consent.

If you do wish to let to a third party, a ‘consent for lease’ is required, which can be obtained by applying to the lender. Because of this, you should inform your lender if you wish to let your property.

6. How do I know what rent to charge my tenant?

Check on Rightmove and Zoopla and speak to your local estate agents. By doing this, you will have a good idea of the rental value of your property.

7. What happens to my tenant’s deposit?

You are required by law to protect the deposit through one of the Government-backed schemes.

 Please note we cannot advise on:-

  • Planning or Building regulation issues
  • Housing benefit issues
  • Any Deposit issues- save for your legal obligation under the HA to protect a deposit.
  • How to complete court documents
  • Advice or issues regarding extended leasehold properties or problems with leasehold management companies

How to Use the Member’s Landlord Advice Line?

Please complete the enquiry form below, where advice may be offered by email or, if prudent, by telephone. We will respond in 3 days maximum (excluding weekends or public holidays).

Please note you must state the full name of the BLA membership member. Non-members will need to join before we can offer support.

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