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British Landlords Association (The BLA)

The BLA is a landlord association for all UK landlords. Benefits are landlord documents, Tenancy agreements, Template letters, Court forms, Inventory, Eviction notices, Landlord Advice line, Tradepoint discount card, discounted EPC, Tenant Credit & Referencing, mortgage, Insurance, and rent guarantee. This is just some of The BLA list of services and member benefits The BLA provides;

Just some of the BLA member benefits are;

  • Bailiffs
  • Landlord – Agent Downloadable Documents
  • Legal Landlord Advice Line
  • Tenant Credit & referencing
  • Tenant Eviction Services
  • Landlord Courses
  • Legal Resources Section
  • Full access to Acts of Parliament
  • Full access to Case Law based on tenant defences
  • Blog
  • BLA Networking Opportunities with other members at BLA meeting
  • Trade discount card 30% – 40% off building & household items from large stores
  • EPC
  • Forum – Landlord
  • Compliance Checking service
  • Mortgages
  • Refinancing – Bridging finance
  • Building Residential Insurance
  • Building Commercial Insurance

The BLA Campaigns

We lobby the government against adverse landlord legislation. The BLA run national campaigns on behalf of our members.

Why not join today’s fastest-growing Landlords Association, the British Landlords Association?

We publish a daily online paper for professional landlords. You can subscribe for free.

How much does it cost to join Landlords Association?

The cost varies according to the association you join and the pacjkage you choose. The BLA membership is one fixed cost and is easy to follow 

Which is the best landlord association in the UK?

The BLA and the NRLA are one of the largest membership organisations in the UK. The BLA claim they are the fastest-growing national landlord organisation in the UK. Given their impressive line of free services and competitive membership, it is not surprising they are growing rapidly.

Is it worth joining National landlords Association?

The associations support all  landlords regardless of their property portfolio size. If you want to keep up to speed on landlord legal & tax issues, have access to the latest landlord news and get feedback from experienced and professional landlords, then it is worth joining one.

How do I report a dodgy landlord?

If speaking to your landlord does not help:
  1. Make a written complaint. You can make a formal complaint by writing a letter to your landlord or agent. 
  2.  If making a formal complaint to your landlord does not sort out the problem you can complain to your local council as a last resort. The Council will not be able to deal with some aspects of your complaint. 

Is there a database of UK landlords?

All councils in London have agreed to participate in our Rogue Landlord and Agent Checker. This contains information about private landlords and letting agents who have been prosecuted or fined. All Councils in London with enforcement records have now added them to the rogue Landlord & Agent Checker.

Who is UK’s biggest landlord?

Grainger is Based in the UK, Grainger is a British-based property developer and the UK’s largest professional landlord owning residential & commercial property.

Do Citizens Advice help landlords?

Generally, Citizens Advice will not assist landlords and are often advised to contact companies Like Landlord Advice UK or the British Landlords Association. They offer free legal advice to Landlords.

What are my rights as a landlord UK?

Landlords have the legal right to evict a tenant if they fall into arrears with their rent. Landlords can also evict if they want to sell the property or for any other reason. There are strict rules around evictions. The exact eviction grounds depend on what type of tenancy you have.

How much can a landlord raise rent in UK 2022?

Landlords can increase the rent provided it is under a new tenancy, or if the fixed term has expired, it can be done under section 13 Notice. The rent can be increased to the market rent for a similar property.

You can download a free section 13 Notice from The BLA website.

What Can UK landlords not do?

What Landlords cannot legally do:

  • Enter property without tenants’ consent (Rules for HMO are different).
  • Excessively contacting tenants.
  • Change the door locks without giving the tenant a new key.
  • Discriminating against the tenant.
  • Not to carry out repairs where the legal responsibility lies with the landlord.
  • Not protecting the tenancy deposit.
  • Incorrectly Increasing rent.
  • Write terms in the tenancy which have no legal standing.
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