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British Landlord Association is a national association for residential & commercial landlords. We believe, landlords with multiple properties, or just one, should have access to an association. It is smaller landlords, who sometimes most need an organisation, to help and support them.

BLA members have direct access to a lawyer and an extensive list of documents that landlords can download. Under one roof, members have all they need, from pre-letting preparations to evicting a bad tenant. Our daily online paper is published 7 days a week and updated hourly. National and international landlord news is at your fingertips when you need it. With just over 47,500 members and growing, we would like you to join us.

Updated Documents

Latest 2024 Assured Shorthold Tenancy

Latest 2024 Assured Shorthold Tenancy

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement 2022 The latest tenancy for 2022 has been uploaded for Download. All members can download this from our Document download page. The latest 2022 tenancy has been updated. Major changes have been made to this tenancy, due to the Deregulation Act 2015. This tenancy also incorporates the Tenant Fees Act 2019 clauses. What is an Assured ...

British Landlords Association is highly recommended

Sulman butt
Sulman butt
The British landlords association advocacy work has made a real difference in shaping rental policies that benefit both landlords and tenants.
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Irfan Waris
I was nice working with you guys... Good job
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Reality Of Islam
Good job carry on Good Service
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Robin Jacob
Great association very helpful and excellent legal advice line.
Very proffesional and helpful. I would definitely recommend the BLA.
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Muhammad Ali
Excellent service very helpful would highly recommend
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shajeel saleem
The customer service was outstanding. I was very much pleased with the quality of the service I received from this business.they went above and beyond to help me find the perfect property
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Realty Homes Ltd
Needed some advice regarding tenanted property and they explained very well.
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Corrinne Thomas
Got help with a legal matter
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Pastorrafaqat Masih
Great association very helpful and excellent legal advice line.

Yes they are every month.

7 benefits of joining a Landlords Association (LA)

Here are some compelling reasons to join a national or local association.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we have had a fair share of new legislation. But unfortunately, the endless introduction of new regulations for the rental property sector directly affects landlords.

In recent years, the Government has also introduced hefty financial penalties and, in some cases, custodial sentences for non-compliance. As a result, residential property sector landlords can ill afford to get things wrong when managing property.

Most UK LA provides many benefits to their members, including legal advice, updates, and a wide range of legal documents, like tenancy agreements, eviction notices, Eviction service, discounted tenancy deposit scheme and guides.

Please note that the main national LA’s do not cover Northern Ireland.

They make the letting process easier to manage for a private landlord well as corporate.

Before becoming a member of the British Landlords Association, Mark Burcher said: “We had a lot of law to contend with as a private landlord; it was daunting. However, since the Coronavirus Pandemic hit us, we have had even more new legislation with new eviction notice periods.”

“My tenants have rent arrears, and the eviction process has changed so much that I no longer knew what to do. Thanks to the BLA, I have had excellent free support from their legal team.”

Many of our clients ask us about the benefits of joining a LA:

1. Accreditation = reputation and credibility

The UK private rental market continues to expand partly due to people’s inability to afford the high house prices. Private renters want a professional landlord who is likely to offer them a home with a reasonable standard.

Landlord accreditation is independent verification; your membership with the BLA will demonstrate that you are a professional and trustworthy landlord to letting trade and suppliers.

The Accreditation enables you to run your letting business efficiently. The BLA accreditation scheme is open to all members.

2. Knowledge to resolve and or reduce potential issues

All genuine LA offer free telephone expert advice to their members. In addition, telephone helplines provide practical advice for their members.

3. Membership can reduce penalties and fines

Landlord legislation is constantly changing – not only is it challenging to keep up with, but substantial fines are imposed for those that breach their legal obligations.

If you fail to supply an annual Gas Safety certificate, a typical example can result in a £6,000 fine or 6 months imprisonment.

These changes can often be complex, so LA ensures that members are kept up to speed with incoming legislation. In addition, LA provides analysis and a clear explanation of your legal requirements.

This saves time and stress and crucially gives members peace of mind and the confidence that they are familiar with the current regulations.

4. Document download

Members save money and potential trouble as they have access to correct documents when they need them. Crucially they also have access to the landlord helpline should they require it if they need help with documents.

Members have access to a wide range of legal documents, templates, guides, Section 21, Section 8, Section 13 rent increase notice and the latest Assured shorthold tenancy agreement.

Downloadable documents are available for residential landlord and the commercial sector too.

You have access to the BLA templates to deal with rent arrears and universal credit. Universal credit guide and government helpline contact details.

5. Discounted services & Products

Associations can offer their members discounted rates on a vast selection of services and products by partnering with other businesses and providers.

The BLA offer discounted rates on deposit protection schemes, and these member benefits combined add up to a substantial saving, particularly if you have a more extensive property portfolio.

You have access to property management software, allowing you to manage your residential properties more efficiently.

6. Campaigning

The BLA Provides analysis of landlord related issues through their social media platforms. In addition, the BLA campaign on behalf of members, speaking for its members, engaging with policymakers within regional and national Governments.

The two national LA, the BLA and NRLA, are active in England, Wales & Scotland. Members can meet fellow landlords at events relevant to the property industry.

7. Landlord online training courses

The BLA provide members and non-members courses like HMO, Foundation, and eviction process course.

These courses are helpful and result in members running their rental properties more efficiently and dealing with rent arrears by following the correct process. How to deal with universal credit tenants and anti-social behaviour.

These courses are online and can be taken at your leisure in the comfort of your own home.

Other benefits of joining a LA?

You can meet fellow landlords and discuss the regulatory environment, landlord courses, and universal credit. These are all topics majority of private sector landlords discuss.

How do I join the British Landlord’s association?

The BLA membership process is more straightforward than most associations.

Your email will have to be verified, and you do need to be a landlord, letting agent or a property manager to join.

How much does it cost to join a national landlords association?

National landlords association the NRLA offers varying membership levels, individual, business, or even family membership. The NRLA membership is a recurring fee, anything from £75 to £225.

The NRLA & the BLA have an excellent range of services for the landlord community.

However, the BLA are the only LA that covers commercial & residential landlords.

About British Landlords Association membership?

The BLA is one of the largest membership organisations in the UK. The membership benefit you receive is one of the best you can get in the UK.

Most associations for landlords the telephone advice helplines are run by other landlords. This is where the BLA stands alone.

They have proper lawyers to advise their members.

Should you need more information, the contact details are on our contact us page.

Small individual landlords who only have one property can join too.

I am a resident landlord can I join?

Most LA members are property owners, like resident Landlord, Housing association, private commercial, individual, or corporate Landlords.

An accidental landlord may have just one property, or a company may have several thousand. Nevertheless, LA is well worth joining.

What are the benefits of joining a national landlord association?

National landlord associations offer a more comprehensive range of products and services than regional or local LA.

Local ones cannot provide the same level of service or the variety of products or services as the national ones.

However, the local organisations better know the local area than the national residential landlords association. This can be useful, especially if all the properties are in one location.

We also will consider any propery that is going through probate.

What must a landlord provide by law?

The legislation for commercial and residential landlords is not the same.

Some legislation does not apply to resident landlords, like the tenant deposit scheme.

However, you must seek legal advice before assuming you are a resident landlord. You can contact a residential landlord association or the BLA if you are unsure.

The residential sector is much more regulated than the commercial sector.

Residential landlords are required to provide safe and energy-efficient homes to tenants.

Before renting a property, the following things must be in place:

A gas safety certificate, electrical inspection report EICR and an EPC, and once let, you must protect the deposit if one is taken.

You must also provide a “how to rent booklet” to your tenant. In some areas, you require a license from the council to rent your property. If you do not obtain a license, you could face a hefty fine.

It would be best to carry out a credit & referencing check before you consider taking on a tenant, even if they are on Housing benefits. This reduces the potential risk of rent losses and a headache in the future.

It would help if you considered taking membership with an association of landlords. A full list of LA can be found on our blog, which may assist you.

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