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Aims & Objectives

When the government proposes new legislation(s) we review what has been proposed and are able to then determine both the negative and positive impact the proposed legislation(s) is likely to have on all parties concerned.

It has been proven thus far, from previously proposed legislation which has been passed by parliament, not all members of parliament are aware of how new proposed legislation may affect all parties concerned.

The BLA – British landlords Association will have a voice and in some cases may be able to persuade politicians to amend any proposed or even passed legislation to assist them to achieve their primary aims & objective without over regulating the legal obligations landlords must comply with.

Thus together, we can retain the incentive to be landlords and for others to become landlords providing housing throughout the nation whilst maintaining a low eviction rate enabling the burden of the housing crisis to be lifted from the government which may stop the over-regulation of laws which relate to housing.

Together, with our members, British landlords Association (BLA) has a voice towards any adverse legislation. We believe and strive for a fairer balance between the rights of landlords and the rights of tenants.

For any government, it is important that the government retains legislation that keeps incentives for investors to invest in property without fear.


• Create documents & procedures for The BLA members to promote good practice.

• Lobby MP’S in respect of current and proposed legislation that is detrimental to The BLA members.

• Create a Working relationship with other organisations to advance the common interest of The BLA members.

• Develop cost-effectively and or discounted services for The BLA members.   An Imperative part of successfully achieving our aims & objectives is ensuring any current and proposed legislation provides an equitable balance between landlords, agents and tenants which is not detrimental to the interests of members and or their investment.   Your use of any of The BLA services is subject to the following terms (where relevant) which together with the specific Associate-ship, or Membership, Terms & Conditions, govern your relationship with the BLA. You will be deemed to consent to all these terms if you access this website further or use, or subscribe to, any of our services.

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