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Landlord Accreditation how does it work?

The BLA landlord accreditation is created to promote recognition of landlords who demonstrate a professional standard of management skills and knowledge of the residential rental sector.

The landlord accreditation of a BLA member certifies the credibility and competency of our members.

Landlords who are accredited can extend peace of mind to tenants and the local council. A tenant should have confidence in a prospective landlord that is accredited will be able to deal with the rental efficiently.

By enrolling in a landlord accreditation scheme, earning your certificate will prove you follow a code of practice and respect the safety and needs of the tenant.

Being accredited is not a legal requirement at the moment in England, however, in Wales, it is a requirement. Being an accredited landlord is a good indication for prospective renters and letting agents when they know a landlord is accredited.

Various accreditation schemes carry its own set of requirements. Charities like Shelter are pressing the government to introduce stricter rules on these so that the quality of rented accommodation can be improved.


More info on landlord accreditation and getting a certificate?

To obtain Accreditation, you will need to take our foundation or the HMO course. Upon completing and passing the e-learning course; you will become an accredited BLA landlord and receive a certificate.

As an accredited landlord and a member of the British Landlords Association, you must abide by our Code of Practice and our code of conduct.

How do I keep my development up to date?

  • Attend landlord training events, including those hosted by other landlord associations and local authorities
  • Complete any of the BLA free or paid e-learning courses
  • Read the British Landlord Association online daily newspaper which counts as 1-hour development.
  • You are expected to know the tenant’s health and safety aspects of the legislation.
  • You are expected to understand, draft a rental agreement, including all compliance requirements for renting to a tenant.

Why should I become an accredited landlord?

The BLA believe Accreditation is the best way for landlords to demonstrate they are aware of their legal responsibilities for the residential rental sector. An accredited landlord may on some products receive discounts. Some councils may offer discount accredited landlords too.

When did the landlord Accreditation start?

Landlord Accreditation schemes were developed since the mid-1990s. In 2008, LACORS, conducted a survey of the Landlord Accreditation schemes to determine the nature, scope and benefits of the various landlord accreditation schemes in England.

The survey revealed that 40% of councils operated accreditation schemes in 2008, and other councils were set to do so. Landlord Accreditation schemes are operated by a wide range of national stakeholders. This includes the government, landlord associations and local authorities,

How much does it cost to get accredited?

Membership with the British Landlords Association is free; you need to take a BLA Landlord Foundation course. The course is an online e-learning course, which will take about 1 hour to complete. You can take your time and do it at your leisure. Upon completing the course, you will be issued with a certificate. The cost of the course usually is £99, but this has been reduced to £60.

Other benefits:

  • Be part of an association that landlords, tenants, and councils can recognise
  • Promote your service as a professional landlord to other landlords, councils, and tenants
  • Use of the BLA logo to show you are an accredited BLA landlord
  • Display your accredited status to your tenants, council, and other investors
  • Appear on our online member register as a BLA Accredited landlord

To take any one of our courses, why not visit our course website – View Courses.

Landlord Accreditation | BLA landlord accreditation Scheme
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Accreditation for UK landlords who are members of the British Landlords Association.

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