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Landlords Association Comparison for 2020 – Best UK Landlord Association’s to join?

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What is a landlords association?

It is a support network for private and corporate landlords, including letting agents. Its role is to provide support, to educate, raise standards and representation. Representation for its members is usually by lobbying Government.

An association provides resources like documents, advice, courses and keep their members up to date, with relevant legislation.

In the last few years, the Government has phased in new housing law, as well as introducing new tax rules.

Association’s play a crucial role, in making its members aware of new, or pending legislation. The Tenant Deposit scheme is a good example. Many landlords got caught out, where they were not aware of the new law.

Which is the best landlords association to join in 2020? 

The best association to join is a matter of preference. We have compared landlord associations in the UK, the service they provide and the cost of the membership. You can choose which one best suit you for your requirement.

What do I need to consider when joining an association?

  • What is a national landlords association?
  • What are the benefits of joining an association?
  • What is the cost of joining an association?
  • How are national landlords association funded?
  • Is there a free landlords association that I can join?
  • List of landlords’ associations in the UK
  • Which landlord associations can I join?

Landlord association are keen, to ensure all members are aware of any new legislation, that is relevant to them.

What is a national landlords association?

A national landlord association will cover members in England, Wales and Scotland. The Three national associations are:

  1. The British Landlords Association – The BLA
  2. The National Landlords Association – The NLA
  3. The Residential Landlords Association – The RLA

You can find out from your council housing department if you have any local or regional associations in your area.

Local and regional associations generally do not have the same resources, support or influence as the national ones. However, local ones have a good knowledge of local issues, much better understanding than the national associations.

The NLA website gives a brief description which says: The National Landlords Association is the UK’s largest membership organisation for private residential landlords, supporting and representing 41,000 members. We seek a fair legal and regulatory environment for both landlord and tenant, and actively lobby the government on behalf of our members

The RLA website gives a brief description which says: The RLA is the leading voice for landlords in England and Wales and we are here to help, Get your voice heard today with the help of the RLA

What are the benefits of joining an association?

Generally, they offer the following benefits:

  • Landlord helpline for members on all landlord related issues.
  • Information for members, on letting issues.
  • Information for landlords, on new or pending regulations.
  • Good relevant source of case law
  • Good selection of landlord documents
  • Discounts on 3rd party member services
  • Meet Fellow landlords to listen & discuss landlords’ issues
  • Strengthens the voice of the landlord community, which can be particularly useful, when petitioning against unfair regulations.
  • Be a voice for its members and seek to influence draft legislation.

Should I join an association?

In the last few years, the Government has phased in a raft of new legislation and tax changes. This directly affects landlords, and you ought to consider joining an association, which association you chose is a matter for you. Maybe a good idea to check the websites, of the three leading associations, and then decide.

What is the cost of joining an association?

The cost of joining one of the national landlord’s association is, as above. However, there are many small local associations too. The only downside to joining a local association is you are unlikely to receive the benefits you would receive by joining a national association. You can choose which one best suit you, from the information and list provided.

How do I join a national landlords association?

You have two options: by visiting the website or contacting the association of your choice. All three national associations are happy to go through their benefits and products. The RLA and the NLA are merging this month. The new association is going to be known as the NRLA.

How are national landlords association funded?

Generally, they are funded by fees charged to members to join. Associations will receive payments from the products sold through them like building insurance, credit referencing, deposit protection and for selling data to 3rd party for marketing purposes. Revenue is also generated, from advertising through various media that association use.

Is there a free landlords association that I can join?

To the best of our knowledge, the BLA is the only free association in the UK. Not only is it free, but The BLA also does not take a commission on building insurance, eviction services, legal services, and so many other products. This, of course, means members will receive 100% of the discount passed to them. The BLA does not allow advertising through its website or its social media platforms. The only exception to this is charities the BLA support like CAP.

The staff who work at the BLA, including the CEO and its lawyers are 100% dedicated to helping landlords and campaigning for landlords to be treated fairly. They are unpaid volunteers working full time; this allows the association to offer a unique service to landlords nationally.

We hope you now have enough information above for your purpose.

List of landlords’ associations in the UK 2020

If we have missed any landlord’s association on this list, then please let us know.

Which associations can I join?

We have found associations scattered around different parts of the UK, covering mainly local areas. The following associations are national landlords’ associations and appear to cover England & Wales. The British Landlords Association (The BLA) and the NLA cover Scotland too. The NLA and The RLA have formidable resources and experience in campaigning.

Name of – associations             | Fee | Basic association information

British Landlords Association       | Free | Free Full membership. Membership includes a comprehensive landlord advice line and other member benefits.

Residential Landlord Association | £79.95 | 2 months membership for one landlord plus one free nominated associate.

National Landlords Association    | £120 | There is a free “associate landlord” option but comes with limited support. Paid membership starts from £120 a year.

To Join the BLA, click here.

Date: 1st of March 2020

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