Landlord boiler cover – Best Boiler cover deals 2024

Landlord boiler cover  

Landlord boiler cover can reduce stress, expensive call-out fees and give you peace of mind when managing your property portfolio. If a have a breakdown, then it is a matter of scrambling to get a plumber as quickly as you can.

The annual boiler service reduces the frequency of breakdowns when you have a central heating cover. It also puts safety first which is an essential element of renting property.

The cost of annual service can in some cases be the same as the premium for the entire year. Emergency repairs are an extra cost in addition to the cost of repairs.

It is essential you consider homecare that covers emergency boiler breakdown, annual services, and gas safety certificate.

The central heating cover will deal with radiator blockages where sludge gathers, and radiators don’t get hot at all or maybe lukewarm. The entire system may need to be treated, drained, flushed and all radiators may need to be re-balanced.

Most central heating systems at some stages do require treatment and flushing, this is something you should check if it is covered by the companies below.

As many landlords know one of the common problems is with the central heating system when the radiators are not heating properly.

For the landlord and the tenants, convenience, when the annual boiler service is carried out the Gas Safe engineer, will usually also carry out the gas safety check and issue a gas safety certificate to the tenant at the same time.

When central heating systems go wrong potentially with no hot water or heating, it’s panic time. Trying to get a gas engineer out the same day to your rental property is no easy task.

Tenants become agitated no hot water or heating and may feel the landlords not doing things fast enough.

In some cases, landlords may have to compensate the tenant as a consequence of the boiler breakdown.

The advantage of landlord breakdown cover is that you do not have to worry about the breakdown cost.

it is usually covered under your policy. Gas boiler emergency cover means an engineer can come out to the rented property quickly.

Having insurance that covers hot water, heating and electrics mean happy tenants.

British gas landlord boiler cover

One of the most prominent landlord cover providers is British gas. British Gas have gas engineers who are trained, and Gas Safe registered who specialise in boiler breakdowns.

They, in most cases, will also have the parts in their van. This means it is unlikely the boiler repair will be fixed on the same day.

If you have no landlord boiler cover, you have to go through several hoops before the gas boiler gets fixed.

  • Call out a gas engineer to find the reason for the breakdown.
  • Give a quote for the work needed
  • If you agree with the quote, then it is likely parts will have to be ordered.
  • 2nd visit to fit the parts and get the combi boiler up and running.

One of the biggest advantages of British Gas against its competitors is the speed they can fix the problem and often this is due to them having the parts to hand.

You can also take the cover of other gas appliances like gas hob, oven and drain blockages in and around the building.

Best landlord boiler cover

When it comes to the best landlord breakdown cover, you do not really have a vast choice of companies to choose from. If you have an insurance policy for the plumbing, that may be a relief.

However, for most policies, you still have to go through the hoops of finding a gas engineer, getting a quote and parts to order etc.

Don’t just look at the cost but consider like for like against other quotes what is covered. More interestingly, it is checking what is not covered.

You can see why British gas seems to be the best landlord boiler cover.

British Gas work is most convenient for landlords; as discussed above, they also take care of the annual gas safety checks.

The cost factor is a consideration when deciding which company to choose. On our research, British Gas seem to be the best as the level of service provided, and the cost of their cover looks pretty attractive.

Before you decide, don’t forget to ring the gas boiler manufacturer as they offer breakdown cover as well.

When taking out a policy, you must read the small print, especially if the policy has an excess in the event you need to call on the breakdown cover.

Some policies will just cover the parts. Others cover labour & parts, and that charge a set fee for each callout plus parts.

It is essential you know what is covered and eventualities when your insurance policy will not cover you. Read the “exclusion” part of the policy to see if the policy you wish to take out is appropriate for you.

When taking out cover the provider may carry out credit checks and upon approval, they will set up a direct debit payment.

The following companies offer breakdown cover for the rental property including appliances option:

YourRepair £9 £60
24|7 Home Rescue £4.49 £95
Prominence Support £4.99 £50
Aviva £12.50 £50
British Gas £14 £60
SSE £4.95 £90
EDF Energy £7.92 £95
Scottish Power £3.50 £99
Axa £5.49 £99
E.ON £7.99 £100
HomeServe £8 £100

 When not to take out boiler insurance?

If you have just had a new boiler installation, then this may apply to you. Most boilers as a promotion to sell their product offer an attractive guarantee.

The average warranty is 5 years on a new boiler. So, if you have a new boiler that has just been fitted and carries a breakdown warranty, it may be a waste of money to buy a boiler cover.

About Homeserve

Homeserve is as big as British Gas when it comes to its reach across the UK. Homeserve like most companies offer packages that offer various packages you will need to decide which level of cover you need.

The various level of cover may include electrical installation, plumbing, heating, drainage infestation and roof. It is well worth a close look at what they offer.

Who needs to take out a boiler and central heating cover?

If you own your home, you can consider taking a policy to cover the risk. However, the exception may arise if your home is a flat and the management company are responsible for the heating system in the block under the lease terms. Commercial tenants may have to cover the risk it depends on the terms of the lease.

For tenants holding an assured shorthold tenancy, their landlord is responsible for the plumbing, heating, drainage, and electrics.

Author: Sarah Featherstone [email protected] Date: 1st of January 2024

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