Barnard Marcus Property Auction – National held in London

Barnard Marcus Property Auction – National held in London

Barnard Marcus auction house is the only prominent London auctioneer supported by over 600 group offices. Barnard Marcus auction house is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Skipton Building Society.

Barnard Marcus is one of the leading London based national auctioneers with hundreds of lots for property sale. 

Barnard Marcus and the Sequence Group 

Barnard Marcus is part of the Sequence auctions. It has access to residential properties auction in the UK with centres in London, Norwich, Derby, Southampton and Leeds.

Barnard Marcus is part of The Connells Group, which is a subsidiary of The Skipton Building Society.

Barnard Marcus leading national auctioneers

Barnard Marcus is a diverse property services groups in the UK. Their services provide a good range of expertise from Land, Planning advice, Property Rentals and Management, Corporate Asset Management, Legal, Mortgage services and much more.

Barnard Marcus, experience and consistency are at the heart of delivering the best service possible. That’s why they work hard to employ and retain experienced property professionals.

Barnard Marcus key team members provide an impressive total of over 250 years of industry experience in the UK.

Barnard Marcus is one of the largest London-based residential auction lots in the UK property market.

If you are a seasoned property investor, a private seller, or just starting your journey in the property investment industry, Barnard Marcus can help you.

The auction catalogue can be requested online by visiting the Barnard Marcus website, which contains the guide price and information on obtaining the legal pack.

The auction catalogue lists all the auction properties going to public auction. 

Due to COVID-19, the auction process is conducted by remote bidding. Before bidding, ensure you have obtained legal advice on the legal pack for the lot you are interested in.

It is essential to check on the day of the auction to see any new fresh documents deposited in the legal pack. Or amendments made to any existing documents or condition of sale.

Selling property at auction

You can obtain a free market appraisal from the residential property auctioneer should you wish to sell property commercial or residential. Selling property at auction can be a quick way to sell the property. 

You will need to determine what you wish to sell the property for and what figure the guide price should be set at. The guide price generally is about 10% lower than the actual price the seller wants to sell for.

However, the auctioneer in the market appraisal will indicate what the guide price should be. 

You will need to instruct a solicitor, so the solicitor has ample time to prepare the legal pack.

You are required by law to provide your ID documents too. The success rate of properties sold by this London based auction house is impressive. The changes in taxation, especially the stamp duty holiday, has drawn more potential buyers to the online auction experience.

Advantages of buying from auction

Speed & Certainty

One of the main advantages of buying a property at an auction is certainty. The other factor is the speed at which the whole buying process can be processed and completed.


Unlike the traditional method of buying property, there is no pressure to get your offer in first. Auctions, without a doubt, offer a ‘level playing field’.


The process generally allows you to take advantage of a much more open and transparent buying process. 

However, (if buying) you must instruct a solicitor before bidding so the legal pack can be checked and any requisition raised with the seller’s solicitors.


This post is for general use only and is not intended to offer legal, tax, or investment advice; it may be out of date, incorrect, or maybe a guest post. You are required to seek legal advice from a solicitor before acting on anything written hereinabove.

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