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Nationwide, local, and regional list of UK property auctions

Just one list of property auctions in the UK making research easier for seller and buyers.

The British Landlords Association list is comprehensive and covers all auction in England & Wales. If you find an auction is missing from our list, please do let us know.

This list is updated monthly, click on the link you want, which will take you to the auctioneer’s page for more information.

Why do these auction houses need my data?

Each company has a slight difference in their privacy policy, visit their website and check the privacy policy. 

Which is the best time to sell a property in an auction?

Springtime seems to be an excellent time to sell or buy a property generally. However, auctions vary as to the best time to sell. The economy and so many other factors come into play. COVID-19, Brexit and stamp duty are all issues that drive the property market up or down

Selling a buy-to-let property at auction in London?

London auction houses are one of the largest auctioneers, and they tend to cover all the UK. More lots more potential buyers and a wider audience all help.

Choosing to sell with a regional or national auctioneer?

Regional or local auction houses have fewer lots, and the audience is not as broad as the national auctions. You may pick up a bargain in a local smaller auction. Still, as a seller, the local or regional auction may not deliver the same results as a national auction.

We strongly advise you to read our blogs which are listed below if you are thinking of selling or buying from an auction.

How to buy a property from an auction?

How safe is it buying from an auction?

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