7 Advertising Tips to Attract High-quality Tenants to Your Rental Property

Have you invested in real estate, or you’re an agent looking for reliable tenants? You will never go wrong with video marketing for your real estate. You can stand out from your realtors and make concrete connections with your potential buyers and home sellers. You only need to come- up with the best videos about your property. And you will have many clients coming your way.

Today, about 98% per cent of people search online for a home. If your real estate has quality lights, character, and neighbourhood vibe, you should show all that to your potential buyers. And the best way to do it is through real estate video marketing. Using videos, you will show your realtors and agents and not tell them about your property which can be more convincing. And this helps to make great connections that promote residential and commercial sales.

Top Best Real Estate Video Marketing Tips for Four Business

Customer Testimonial Videos

If you have been in real estate before, the chances are that you got several happy customers. And you can let them do bragging on your behalf. Just look for a few of them and record short testimonials on their satisfaction with your real estate. Once you have the clips, ensure to use quality online video editors to produce engaging and smooth content. You can be sure you will win many tenants to consider your rental property.

As real estate competition goes to another level, many companies have become too promotional. That is why many tenants will trust customer testimonials than companies marketing real estate. And with real estate video marketing testimonials, your property will get the most reliable tenants. Just ensure to create quality, engaging and honest videos about your property.

Property Video Tours

Every tenant values a quality environment. And as you market your real estate, you can supplement your photography with quality video tours. That helps your tenants feel about the real estate environment and the flow of the place.

You may create high-end virtual tours to place on your listing page. Or record personal video marketing tours. Ensure to use a quality camera or smartphone and walk through your real estate site to explain amenities you believe your buyers will be interested in.

Real estate walkthrough videos will be critical if you work in a market with a bigger percentage of second homeowners or vacation. They will help you to retain and communicate with your clients. Videos about your property create a real-time touchpoint that will not match calling and emailing your listing.

Post Real Estate Content on Social Media

You can reach tenants wherever they are. All you should do is cast a wider net by posting your real estate video marketing content on multiple social media platforms. That will help market your property or attract prospects who are beginning their search.

Videos on social media are more engaging than other types of content. When posting your content, ensure it has the agent’s personality and expertise. Besides, your videos should capture short testimonials, salient features of your real estate, and features of properties you have sold. That way, you will earn the trust of your potential tenants and convert them into customers.

 Real Estate Property Listing Video-content

Do you have photos of your real estate listings? Ensure they capture what your tenants are looking for. And then create videos from those photos using the best video editor tools. You can add short descriptive information about each photo highlighting the main selling points. Once done, you can include your content information. But ensure it comes at the end of your video.

Many real estate customers want specific info before committing themselves. And you can be sure with property listing. You will get the most reliable tenants. Why tell your real estate tenants about a house when you show it? Provide your potential clients with an inviting and immersive video that motivates them to reach your contact.

Educational Real Estate Video Marketing Content

Many real estate buyers may be willing to consider your property but have no starting point. Therefore, you can make buying easier. Teach your potential tenants how a deal should go down. When targeting first-time buyers, you may post home renting videos where you take them through what they can afford.

Besides, you can walk your audience through ways to get multiple rate quotes, correct credit report issues, and everything related to your related estate. As you teach them about real estate, do not forget to ask them to consider your property. And that raises the chance of convincing your audience into quality tenants. But ensure that the real estate marketing video captures all honest info about your property.

Property Contract Walkthrough Video

Getting quality tenants requires uniquely connecting with your potential customers. Real estate involves contracts you should help your audience understand better. And being available to review contracts made by your salespersons may leave an opportunity for misunderstanding.

Therefore, recording a video about yourself as you walk your contact while explaining vital clauses works magic in attracting quality tenants. Your prospects will highly appreciate it, and you will raise your odds of getting a good response from another potential; tenant.

Caption Your Real Estate Video Marketing Content

Your real estate pictures are worth millions of words. But once you add text to your videos, it enhances the value of your content. Make sure to include descriptive titles and subtitles to your real estate content. It can be information like the number of bedrooms, square footage, and even bathrooms in the form of text in addition to footage and photos.

Do your real estate videos have voiceover? You may use texts for capturing takeaways to highlight particular details and call to action. That will be more useful when sharing your real estate marketing videos on social media, where many audiences watch without sound.


Once you master these tips, you are ready to create your real estate marketing videos. As many tenants look for houses to rent online, you can get the right customers with quality videos. You do not need the most expensive camera and video editor tools to create real estate videos. With your smartphone, you will create content to attract quality tenants.

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