Widesearch Property Portal challenge to Zoopla & Rightmove

With the dawn of the internet, information technology has transformed our lives with very few exceptions.

Things can be done quicker, more efficiently and usually a lot cheaper.

The property rental sector has seen a massive change, including HM land registry search to E-conveyancing.

Widesearch, Rightmove and Zoopla whats the diffidence?

One of the most significant changes has come about in the property portal, like Rightmove and Zoopla.

They have, without a doubt, changed the way estate agents, whether selling or renting, function.

In the last 12 months, landlords have had a significant shift using letting agents to landlords wishing to manage their properties.

Even if landlords and investors want to manage or sell their property, one part of the process is how you market your property.

Rightmove and Zoopla are mainly accessible to estate agents. The cost of a subscription with most property search engines generally runs to several hundred a month.

Someone who wants to rent a house or sell it has no choice but to use one of the agents to find a tenant.

To find a tenant letting agents will usually charge one month’s rent. If the property’s rental value is, say, £1,400 PCM, that’s still a lot of money to fork out.

Some agents will work on a set fee rather than one month’s rent to find a tenant. However, it still amounts to a considerable sum of money.

Is Widesearch the option?

Widesearch is a new concept of doing business. Service is accessible to all.

You can advertise 1 listing for as little as 99p for 30 days, with additional packages for large numbers of properties.

WideSearch provides an early adopter package for those making use of the listings between now and the 28th of May. You can list up to 10 listings for absolutely no cost – for 3 months. This offer will be provided to all BLA members.

The founder of WideSearch, “Digital Search Solutions Ltd”, Mr Adrian Tuakli, is of the opinion the property portal business was missing an essential key ingredient.

The key is accessibility to normal landlords, small and large, including agents at a very affordable fee.

Who is Widesearch?

Widesearch is a property search portal with a business model created by its founder Adrian Tuakli in 2021. It aims to make the service open to large agents to small landlords who can sell or rent quickly, and efficiently without laying out hundreds of pounds for each tenant.

Adrian Tuakli, the founder, has many years of experience in the property market. He launched WideSearch because of his experience in the field. He feels that the changing property markets will experience even more advancements. With the ever-elusive PIPs on the horizon and the lifestyle factors influencing people’s choices over where they choose to live.

That’s not all; they provide all related services to selling or renting. So, you can do your business more efficiently.

With the Widesearch platform, you can find or advertise anything from Management, Sales and Lettings Services. These can be Real Estate Agencies, Property Managers, Property Lawyers and Brokers.

For dealing with everyday tasks, landlords have access:
Property Maintenance Services
Decoration and Construction Services
General builders, Builders, and so much more.

Widesearch is an accredited full member of the British Landlords Association (The BLA). They are also a service provider to The BLA members.

With the Widesearch platform, you can advertise your service in multiple locations and categories. Landlords & agents can use Widesearch as an excellent marketing tool for a nominal fee compared to its competitors.

Unlike other property portals, where it is almost impossible to speak to a human when you have problems or need advice. With Widesearch, their core value is to provide a comprehensive support team.

Widesearch is tipped to be a serious competitor to some of the more prominent UK based property search portals.

Online agents have won 9.5% of the total share of the business from High Street agents, and this figure is increasing each year.

The lion’s share held by Purple Bricks is significantly more than its closest competitors.

Purple Bricks 49.88%

Strike 14.51%

Yopa 10.72%

Express 7.61%

With Widesearch offering a much more significant, more comprehensive range of products, it is accessible to anyone at a nominal fee. It will be interesting in 5 years to see who holds the lion’s share of the online market?

Author: Amanda Goldsmith [email protected]

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