5 Methods To Earn Money From a Real Estate

How to earn money from Real estate

Real estate is one of the best investments you can make. If you have property, there are many ways you can leverage this asset to generate additional income.

This is especially important if you’re tight on cash—whether you’re in between jobs or a retired senior looking to save where you can. 

If you’re struggling with money and have access to a large property, why don’t you use the asset to earn extra cash? You can do so many things with real estate ranging from leasing to flipping and reverse mortgages. 

Each of these approaches has its pros and cons, and you need to do your due diligence and see what works best for you. Gather resources from different places and if you’re working with a company, always vet other companies, contractors, or technologies.

It’s important to understand that the return on investment might vary depending on your chosen method. 

This article will cover some of the best ways of earning money from real estate.

Reverse mortgages

With the reverse mortgage method, you put a mortgage on your home and receive money in return. It can come in the form of equal instalments, or you can get a lump sum. Then, when the property owner dies or moves to another home, the lender gains possession of the property.

This approach is ideal for elderly individuals who don’t have children or struggle with money and need to get back on track. It will provide some extra money for your retirement to live a more quality life.

Of course, the biggest downside is that you will eventually have to forfeit the ownership, but if you already don’t have sons or daughters, it shouldn’t matter as much.

A reverse mortgage can be paid back if you use the proceeds from the sale of the home, which is a good option for seniors looking to downsize. You can also refinance the property into a traditional mortgage or sign the title over to the lender. 

Due to the fact that reverse mortgage calculations can be tricky, you will likely need a special calculator such as a reverse mortgage calculator.

Flipping a property

Flipping property has become extremely popular in the last few decades. An investor would buy a property, or use one of his old houses, to renovate it and sell it at a margin.

This approach is especially good if you’re a contractor or a handyman. That way, you don’t have to pay anyone for their work, but instead, you can do everything yourself, earning even more cash. 

Unfortunately, there are situations where you can even lose money. So, you should be very careful when buying properties. Perhaps the best advice for flipping homes is to buy the ugliest properties in the nicest neighbourhoods. These diamonds in the rough can make you a lot of money in a short span.

Because flipping a property can make or break the bank, you must create a budget that includes at least 20% of financial padding. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is focusing on upgrades that don’t offer a strong return on investment.

Simple upgrades to flooring, painting, trimming, and landscapes can make huge differences. But, on the other hand, certain luxury upgrades, like marble.

Long-term rentals

Of course, one of the easiest ways of making money off of a property is by simply leasing it. Long-term rentals are especially great as you don’t have to bother finding new tenants every once in a while. Furthermore, there won’t be downtime during which you won’t earn money.

Like with flipping a property, finding the right location is half of the battle. If you wish to buy and then lease an apartment, make sure to focus on dilapidated structures in need of renovation. Once you fix them, you can rent them as you would any other apartment in the area.

Make sure to focus on properties near financial districts and universities. People need a place to live, so there will always be a nice fluctuation of potential tenants. Of course, if you already have a property of your own, you are a bit constricted in terms of potential profit, but leasing is still the way to go.


If you live in a large, urban area, there is no reason why you shouldn’t Airbnb your apartment. The revenues from this type of rental are simply ridiculous, especially during the vacation/summer season. The only catch is that you should have a flat near the city’s centre. However, even remote apartments can provide excellent yields.

Airbnb is a straightforward concept: you rent an apartment for a few days, make sure that everything is clean, and try to provide as good an experience as possible. Based on how you did, you will get positive (or negative) reviews helping you land new clients.

The only issue with Airbnb is that it takes its toll on your apartment. While the profits are nice, it is a significant commitment for the landlord, who needs to go back and forth. Lastly, it is much better if your Airbnb properties are close to your residence, reducing the footwork.

Most Airbnb hosts rent out their primary residence. However, if you have a second property or relatives you can stay with when your property is being rented; this might be a viable option for you. You can also rent out spare bedrooms in your home and welcome travellers worldwide. The vast majority of hosts have positive experiences with their renters. 

Short sales 

Truth be told, not everyone will have the resources to make short sales or to invest in a property. But, at the same time, these types of investments can be pretty risky.

Nevertheless, if you have some real estate experience, there is a lot of money to be made in short sales. Simply put, buy properties when they’re cheap and sell them when the market prices are rising. Therefore, besides understanding real estate, you should also grasp the basic economic concepts to know when is the best time to strike. 

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