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Pugh & Co Property Auction

Pugh & Co offering the most lots in the UK

Pugh & Co clients appreciate the expert advice, maximum market exposure, value for money, impressive auction venues and one of the highest sales success rates in the UK offered by Pugh & Co.

As a result, Pugh & Co team of chartered surveyors are trusted to act for a range of clients including private individuals, commercial organisations, over 80 local councils and other public bodies, asset managers, lenders and receivers.

Guide price as low as £1

Unlike some auctioneers, Pugh & Co sell all types of property on behalf of their clients, ranging from residential property and development opportunities to commercial premises, ground rents and industrial units – with some lots having a guide price as low as £1.

Subsequently, Pugh & Co property auctions attract considerable interest – often with standing room only at our impressive auction venues and numerous buyers bidding online or telephone.

Being a firm of Chartered Surveyors Pugh & Co are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors across all aspects of the business and handling client money. The firm is fully compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements, including anti Money Laundering and data protection legislation.

Pugh & Co are also an ISO 9001 certified business and follow the structured quality management procedures required to maintain this standard. This ensures that there is a continuing process of improvement by utilising client and buyer feedback, along with available management information, to improve the delivery of service beyond the point of initial instruction.

Pugh & Co are also an ecologically responsible company and have reduced the amount of paper and packaging needed to produce the catalogue. The paper is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The FSC label ensures that the forest products used in the production of the catalogue are from responsibly harvested and verified sources.

 Pugh & Co Innovative and Forward-thinking Auctioneers

Pugh & Co was one of the first auction firms to utilise available technologies in order to enhance Pugh & Co client experience. For example through the use of online-only auctions, live web streaming, remote bidding and telephone bidding facilities.

All Pugh & Co auctions continue to use these technologies. Online property agency provides an alternative option to the auction process and, as with Pugh & Co online auction catalogue, allows interested parties to view full details of all Pugh & Co property instructions together with the ability to download any associated legal documentation.

Clients can list properties on Pugh & Co agency website prior to placing them into an auction thus offering alternative sales approaches.

Pugh & Co have also been able to innovate with regards delivering an enhanced range of additional services to Pugh & Co clients.

These include offering agency services, remote property security, insurance services, vacant property compliance advice, building & projects development advice, along with the successful speedy disposal of business assets that may be present within a property as the remnants of a sale.

A guide to Buying at Pugh & Co Auction 

Details of the Pugh & Co property auctions and land to be sold are set out in Pugh & Co property auctions online catalogue are usually available online or on request online to be posted to you. All lots are sold subject to general conditions of sale. It is most important that purchasers satisfy themselves as to the availability, location, boundaries, conditions and state of all lots prior to the auction.

Viewing lots at Pugh & Co auction

It is essential that you view the properties which interest you as soon as possible. Viewing arrangements for each lot are contained in this catalogue.

Legal Documentation

There are special conditions and general conditions that apply to all lots being offered at auction. A copy of these should be available within the legal pack for each lot, a copy of which will be posted to the relevant auctioneer’s website as soon as possible.

Instructing a Solicitor

Before bidding at the auction, it is advisable to consult a solicitor/licensed conveyancer to advise you on the general and special conditions of sale, any searches that may be necessary, the Land Registry office copy entries and any other information provided.

Pugh & Co auction guide Prices

Most are quoted in the catalogue available from the agency/office concerned, nearer the time of the auction. a guide price may change at any time. Lots may be sold at above or below the guide price and we cannot accept responsibility for their accuracy.

Reserve Prices at Pugh & Co auction

All lots, unless stated in the catalogue, are subject to a Reserve price. This is the minimum price at which the seller has authorised the auctioneer to sell.  The bidding must reach or exceed the reserve price for the auctioneer to be able to sell.

The reserve price is confidential. It is set by the seller in consultation with the auctioneer prior to the auction and may be subject to change right up to the start of the auction. The auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids from the vendor up to and including the reserve value.

Pugh & Co Pre-Auction Offers 

Offers must be in writing and will only be considered if the lot has been viewed and the legal documentation inspected. Pre-auction bids are on the basis of an immediate exchange of auction contracts upon acceptance by the seller.

Any offer will be assumed to be your best and final offer and the auction house cannot guarantee that you will be invited to increase your bid in the event of an alternative, the satisfactory offer is received prior to exchange.

Finance & Mortgages

It is essential to arrange finance prior to the auction and for all surveys, valuations and inspection to take place before the bidding.

Unable to Attend a Pugh & Co auction

If it is impossible for you to attend the auction there are two ways in which you can bid (each auction house has its own rules & methods). Firstly, you can appoint a representative or a solicitor to bid for you, and it is always advisable to write and inform the auctioneer. Also, give your representative a letter confirming that they are bidding on your behalf.

Pugh & Co auction proxy Bids

If you want to bid by proxy on the day of the auction the auctioneer may be happy for you to do so, check in advance with the relevant auction house. The Auctioneer usually holds a signed contract and deposit cheque at least 48 hours before the auction. Therefore, please contact the auction house in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

Please contact the relevant Auction house for a proxy bid registration form or use the one shown on the relevant auction house website (link for this auction house is below) or the one in the auction brochure.

Registering at Auction & Means of Identification

You must register before the auction starts at the registration desk at the auction venue (each auction house its own rules check in advance what they are).  The successful bidder is required to provide two forms of identification (see registration form).  Please note that it is a requirement that you also provide documentation to confirm your name and residential address.

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