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Allsops auction is an independent property consultancy with a market-leading reputation for high-quality service and integrity. They are best-known as the UK’s largest and most successful property auction house.


Allsop has the people, the skills, the experience, and the drive to maximise value for their clients in any given market and like to do business in their own distinctive Allsop style – open, friendly, and honest. Clients appreciate this, which is why so many stays with Allsops.


In an unpredictable world, Allsop remains a reassuringly constant source of market knowledge, insight, and expertise.


Auction sales are still taking place, albeit due to COVID-19 appropriate action and procedures are in place. Should you have any inquiries regarding auction sales buying, selling residential or commercial property contact Allsop.


Selling at Auction

Should you consider selling at auction Allsops will be happy to give you a guide price as to what your property may fetch. Auctioneers have a good nose to the auction market sentiment. Allsop is a national London based auctioneers with vast experience selling property in London and other parts of the country. Please read the conditions of sale and note you can also register for property alerts which can be useful so you can draw a comparison of other property at Auction.


About Allsop Auctions

Don’t buy until you have read the property auction tip & guide. Details of the properties and land to be sold are set out in the Auction catalogue.


Auction catalogues are generally available online or can be posted to you. The catalogue release date is typically 4 weeks before the date of the auction taking place.


The auction usually has a vast number of residential auctions lots well as commercial action lots too. Looking for a house for sale at auction, no problem. You can register on their website and set alerts. Just enter your search criteria, making a property search easy and convenient for you. The catalogue will have all the necessary property details you would require including a link to the legal pack. The process for buying or bidding is on the website which we recommend you should read.


Due to COVID-19 auction houses offer excellent opportunities to pick up a bargain. For investors, they can provide properties that provide good yields. The reserve price is not disclosed by the auctioneer; however, the reserve price is generally higher than the guide price.


Check to see if there is a supplement or changes to the documents for the lot you are interested in.


Commercial auction lots usually attract VAT. A few residential auction properties may be subject to VAT, so you need to consider the VAT implications for you before bidding.


Bidders are advised to register early and ensure they have read the buying process.


The seller’s solicitor will then prepare the contracts. THESE MUST BE SIGNED by the purchaser.


If I want to sell a property through Allsops auction, what do I need to do?

Supply the auctioneer the following documents, they will be able to advise you on the guide price etc.:

· Address of the property, including postcode.


· Photographs (external and internal if possible) · Tenure · Tenancy details (if applicable) · Floor plans, room sizes and/or areas (if available) · Title plan · You solicitor information · EPC


Why choose Allsop auctions?

Allsop auction house is one of the UK’s leading auctioneer of commercial and residential property.


Impartial free advice – When advising on selling or buying Allsop will consider whether a property is suitable for sale by auction or private treaty.


They offer both methods if required. Allsop property auction and private treaty departments work as one team, ensuring that their advice is as impartial and accurate as possible.


Wide online exposure – With Allsop extensive marketing knowledge and contacts, they guarantee broad exposure to the market through our intensive online campaigns.


Competitive Commission rates – Allsop commission rates are comparative. Why not speak to them to discuss the fees for buying or selling a property through them.


To contact one of their partners, in confidence, for a property appraisal, please click on one of the links below:


London Commercial Property Auctions

Allsop also has specific online commercial property Auctions where they auction commercial property that cover England, Wales & Scotland. Property for sale covers all sectors of the commercial auction market.


How to check Allsop’s auction unsold lots?

You can check online the same evening what lots are unsold. However, it is best to ring them as the website may not be up to speed as lots sell after the auction.


How do I find the Allsop auction results?

Some results are published some not, you can check on the website.


Where can I get the Allsop auctions calendar?

It is freely available on their website.


Is the Allsop auction live? Yes, if you register, you can check the live version as it progresses.


Does Allsop have an auction commercial?

Allsop commercial auction offers a wide variety of lots for sale nationally.


How to choose a London property auctioneer?

Go to our auction list which has a full list of all the auctions in the UK. You can choose the London auction houses from this list.


When is the best time to sell a property at auction?

Throughout the year the number of auction properties being sold is fairly consistent, month by month. There are ordinarily no auctions in January because of the December slow down and very few lots in August because of the summer holidays.


Auction Statistics

Allsop auction holds six commercial auctions every year with an average sales success rate of 85%.


They also hold seven residential auctions each year with an average sales success rate of 80%.


The Allsop commercial auction team continued this trend in 2018. They raised a total of £518m over the six sales last year Commercial auctions in May 2019 alone had a sales success rate of 74% with a total value of £67,942,500.


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Don’t buy until you have read our property auction tip & guide


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