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Clive Emson Auctions the Property Auctions house | 2021

Clive Emson Auctioneers Property Auction

Clive Emson Auction

Clive Emson Auctioneers were founded in 1989 to supply a high-profile auction facility to corporate and independent estate agents, private clients, and statutory bodies.

Clive Emson offer properties for sale throughout the UK. Encompassing London, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Isle of Wight, West Country, West Sussex, East Sussex, and Surrey.

If you are looking for a house for sale, a flat for sale or any other type of property, then Clive Emson may be perfect to buy your home or property investment.

They sell property at auction that includes commercial property, residential properties well as land by the online auction method.

Clive Emson offers a fantastic opportunity by using the modern method of the online auction process to pick up a bargain.

The company’s concept is to provide a specialist land and property auction service. Therefore, does not compete with the traditional estate agency, mortgage broking, insurance, or other aspects of the property world.

All properties upon which Clive Emson are instructed are offered for sale in the auction catalogue.

The 20-25,000 full-colour catalogues produced for each of their auctions are available either by post or through a network of over 850 estate agency outlets throughout Southern England.

Clive Emson marketing is supported by more estate agency offices than any other national auctioneer’s practice.

In addition, lot details, catalogue downloads, viewings and legal documentation are available through their website.

Buyers can seek advice and information on upcoming properties like guide price figures, reserve price or viewing dates for property for sale.

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, Clive Emson has been operating by the online process until further notice.

A guide to Buying at Clive Emson auction

The next Clive Emson date for auction can be found on their website. The link is below on this page.

Don’t buy from any property until you have read the British Landlord Association property auction tip & guide Details of the Clive Emson properties and land sold are set out in the Clive Emson catalogue.

The catalogues are usually available online or by post on request.

All lots are sold subject to general conditions of sale. Therefore, purchasers must satisfy themselves regarding all lots’ availability, location, boundaries, conditions, and state before the auction Events.

You must be aware of the administration fee that is payable for each lot sold. This is in addition to the sale price and buyers’ commission.

Clive Emson auction lot Viewing

It would be best if you viewed the properties which interest you as soon as possible. Viewing arrangements for each lot are contained in this catalogue.

Legal documentation There are special conditions and general conditions that apply to all lots offered at auction. A copy of these should be available within the legal pack for each lot.

Instruct a Solicitor before bidding at the auction; it is advisable to consult a solicitor/licensed conveyancer to advise you on the general and special conditions of sale.

Any searches that may be necessary, the Land Registry office copy entries and any other information provided.

Clive Emson guide prices most are quoted in the catalogue available from the agency/office concerned, nearer the time of the auction.

A guide price may change at any time. As a result, lots may be sold above or below the guide price, and Clive Emson cannot accept responsibility for their accuracy.

Covid-19 legislation permitting if you can attend the auction experience for many is memorable.

Clive Emson Reserve Prices

All lots, unless stated in the catalogue, are subject to a reserve price. This is the official minimum price at which the seller has approved the auctioneer to sell.

This is a single figure guide; however, you should request the guide price range from one of the professional advisors. As the official guide price is usually below the minimum expectation a seller has in mind.

The bidding must reach or exceed the reserve price for the auctioneer to be able to sell. The reserve price is confidential.

It is set by the seller in consultation with Clive Emson before the auction day and may be subject to change right up to the last day.

The auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids from the vendor up to and including the reserve value.

Pre-Auction Offers

Offers must be in writing and will only be considered if the lot has been viewed and the legal documentation inspected.

Pre-auction bids are based on an immediate exchange of auction contracts upon acceptance by the seller.

Any offer will be assumed to be your best and final offer.

The auction house cannot guarantee that you will be invited to increase your bid in the event of an alternative; the fair offer is received before exchange.

Finance & Mortgages It is essential to arrange finance before the auction and all surveys, valuations, and inspections before the bidding.

Unable to Attend

Please note Clive Emson is a Southeast England auction house and the process due to COVID-19 is by the Online Auctions process.

Most property auctions due to COVID-19 are being conducted online. Therefore, we strongly recommend you register and familiarise yourself with the online auction.

If you can’t attend, there are two ways in which you can bid (each auctioneer has its own rules & methods).

Firstly, you can appoint a representative or a solicitor to bid for you. However, it is always advisable to write and inform the auctioneer. Also, give your representative a letter confirming that they are bidding on your behalf.

They will need in writing the maximum bid price you wish to bid up to. You should obtain the guide range the property is likely to sell for, and you should check the costs payable by you in advance of using the proxy bid.

You should request a realistic minimum expectation the seller has for the property they are selling.

Proxy auction Bids is used if you want to bid by proxy on the day of the bidding. The auctioneer may be happy for you to do so.

The auctioneer usually holds a signed contract and deposit cheque at least 48 hours before the bidding. Therefore, please contact the auctioneers in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

Please contact Clive Emson for a proxy bid registration form or use the one shown on the website (link below) or the one in the brochure.

The other popular option, due to the COVID-19, is remote bidding. You can bid online; however, you will need to register first and send your I.D information along with the deposit money to enable you to use this service.

Selling through Clive Emson

Suppose you are thinking of selling through Clive Emson. In that case, you have many potential buyers throughout West Sussex, East Sussex, and Kent.

You will need to instruct your solicitor to prepare legal documents, also known as the “Legal Pack,” for the future upcoming auction. You will need to decide what the guide price and the reserve price is going to be.

How to buy an unsold auction property lot?

If a lot does not sell in the auction due to bids not meeting the seller’s reserve price. This, however, does not mean that you have missed the opportunity to purchase the property.

You should contact Clive Emson immediately after the bid has finished. Make your offer and see if you can buy it as a private treaty. The seller may be interested and agree to a sale afterwards.

Cost of buying from an auction

You should be aware of all the associated costs when buying from the property auctioneers. For example, you must factor in the auction house buyers commission, stamp duty, land registry, and solicitor costs in the purchase property transaction.

If you are buying land and it is sold subject to planning permission, double-check with the local authority the verify the planning permission.

Bidding at Clive Emson Auction

If you have not bid before, it is advisable to be present when the bidding starts, listen to the auctioneer’s opening remarks, and follow the bidding in the early lots.

You are advised to read the auctioneers Privacy Notice, so you know how your information is used, if in doubt contact the Clive Emson customer service department.

The seller’s solicitor will then prepare the contracts. THESE MUST BE SIGNED by the purchaser BEFORE LEAVING THE AUCTION ROOM.

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28th of August 2021

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