Debt Collection

Members can use this service if they have a court judgement and tenant(s) have failed to pay. Contact the experts for debt collection to recover rent arrears and or legal fees.

Upfix domestic appliance maintenance service

Upfix partners with landlords, letting agents and property professionals to provide a seamless domestic appliance maintenance service.


British Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme - Every landlord and agent should seek to be an Accredited landlord or agent. Click the blue-button below and find out more about the process!

Advice Line

Landlord helpline for all members, simply click the link and complete our simple form. One of British Landlords Association lawyers will contact you. All members have direct access to our lawyers.

Bailiffs, County & High Court

Once a possession order expires, if the tenant fails to give up vacant possession, then we can help. Click the link and complete our simple form. This is a BLA discounted service.

DepositPass Alternative to Deposit

DepositPass is an innovative rental deposit solution. It’s revolutionising how landlords and renters manage rental security deposits throughout the United Kingdom.

BLA Member Logo’s

Members can display on their website, business card or letterheads their BLA membership to show they belong to a professional organisation. Download here BLA Logo’s for your use.

Building Insurance

Guarantee to beat your existing renewal building insurance from Alan Boswell Insurance, who is one of a leading ward winning landlord insurance broker. Get a quote to see how much you can save!

Buy a Guarantor

This unique product costs the landlords nothing! Tenant pays for a guarantor which reduces landlords risk to rent arrears, damage and legal fees. May reduce the risk of losses due to rent arrears etc.

Conveyancing Solicitor

Conveyancing Solicitor - Discounted conveyancing for members when you want to sell or buy a property, including extending leases etc.

Credit & Referencing

Credit check & referencing custom-designed making the tenant application process more efficient than ever before. Your tenant provides the information which the platform requests directly from the tenant.

Courses for Landlords & Agents

Latest courses for landlords and letting agents can lead to efficiency, profit, awareness of new legislation and better practices. Each course is a step towards Accreditation.

Deposit Scheme

Members have access to the DPS Government-backed scheme, options for insured and the custodial scheme. The insured scheme is discounted. Members also have access to the Zero deposit option when using our credit & Referencing.


EPC for BLA Members is discounted. They are 10% cheaper than what is available to the public. The average cost is about £55 this will vary depending on the location of the property.

Eviction Service

If you need to evict a bad tenant, click the link and complete our simple form. We will refer you to Landlord Advice UK, who will contact you directly. This service is discounted for members.

Free Landlord Service

Landlord Pal is a completely free, simple to use reminders service for Landlords. Landlord Pal allows landlords to personalise their reminders for rental properties simply and for free in one place!

Free Tax App

The software submits direct to HMRC and is the solution for landlords and non-residents to file their self-assessments which could save you money.

Free Tax Advice

Members have free access to a firm of accountants for tax advice. They also have a 20% discount on accountant services if required.

Mediation Service

Gothard Rowe has developed More than Mediation specifically to support landlords whose tenants are not making things easy.

Landlord Vision Property Management Software

For self-managing landlords, landlords with large portfolios and even smaller landlords.

Electrical Heating

Alternative to a gas boiler with rising gas prices may be good in some cases in improving your EPC Energy performance rating - Grant might be available.

All Download Below. All other services above

HMO Documents

All HMO documents to manage your HMO letting business, like tenancies, templates etc. These are the latest 2021 version. Related documents can be found under "Eviction Notices".

Pre-Letting (Residential)

Pre-Letting Templates, booklets and services to prepare for letting. Visit our "Template Letters" section should you not find what you need.

Referencing Templates

These free templates can be used to carry out referencing in addition the Credit checks. See our Credit Check Tab above on this page.

Residential Tenancies

Written by landlord lawyers for landlords. Using a good tenancy is essential, this section lists all tenancies, from Assured Shorthold tenancy to Common agreements.

Residential Licences

Residential Licence agreements (Not to be used where an assured shorthold tenancy is applicable), other documents can be found under residential tenancies.

Eviction Notices & Template Letters (Residential)

Covid-19 prescribed Notices Section 8 & 21 including template letters for rent arrears etc.

Court Forms for landlords

All court Forms a landlord requires, Accelerated possession claim, section 8 possession claim and more.

Commercial Property Leases & Licences

Leases and licence agreements for commercial property which are commonly used by commercial landlords.

Commercial Property Notices

Various notices for commercial property use. Notices include Section 25 Notice, Section 146 Notice and other notices too

Commercial Property Guides

Guides for Commercial property letting & Management for offices, factory, retail units etc. Latest 2021 version.

Garage, Carpark & Boat Documents

Garage & Boat tenancy & licence agreements and related documents to let and manage. The latest 2021 version.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety templates, guides for asbestos, electric, gas, fire and Legionnaires. With the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation)

Landlord & Agent GDPR Templates

GDPR - Data protection templates & documents for letting agents and landlords use. These the latest British Landlords Association GDPR 2021 version documents.

Rent to Rent Agreement

Rent to Rent seems to be on the increase. If run properly with good practices in place it can be a profitable business. It is essential you use a good agreement (being edited)

Property traders & Developer Documents

Property trader & Developer documents, templates like option agreement, option notices and other commonly used documents, latest 2021 version.

Estate Agent Documents

Documents for estate agents all documents that may be required. We are still adding new documents to this section. Latest 2021 version.