Pre-Tenancy Documents for England

Pre-Tenancy Checklist

The latest Pre-Tenancy Checklist for landlords & agents letting in England or Wales. You must go through this list when letting residential property to a tenant.

Tenant Welcome Letter

The welcome tenant letter has everything that a landlord ought to provide to a tenant moving in. It is a very useful letter which should be used for all new tenants.

Letter to tenant serving Gas or Electrical certicate(s)

Template letter to the tenant enclosing gas or electrical safety inspection report with a confirmation requirement from the tenant.

How to Rent a safe home booklet

“How to Rent a safe home” booklet should be given to your prospective tenants alongside the “How to Rent” guide. 

Directors Guarantee

When letting a property to a company under common law tenancy (Non-Housing Act), you may feel uncomfortable letting to a limited company. You may request a director to give a personal guarantee.

Order EPC Online

You are required to have an up-to-date EPC in place before letting a property. Energy Performance Certificates are valid for ten years. Check when your EPC expiry date on the government website.

Right to Rent I.D

Right to rent I.D checklist. The Right to Rent scheme by law requires landlords to check all prospective tenants who wish to occupy their properties have legal status to live in the UK before they can let.

Inventory template

Inventory template for landlords or letting agent. Inventory is crucial before letting a dwelling; it is evidence of the condition of the property, prior to letting and may be required for deposit purposes.

Character Reference

Character reference form, this is useful when letting a property to a prospective tenant. You should also carry out a Credit & Referencing check, see under Credit & Reference to order report.

Credit & Referencing

This service makes the process efficient than ever before. The tenant provides information that the platform requests directly from the tenant, saving you time. Discounted from £25 now £19.95

Guarantor Agreement

Use a Guarantor if the tenant’s credit history is poor. A Guarantor agrees to pay your rent if you don’t pay it, for example, a parent or close relative.

Tenancy Application

Tenancy application template. You should obtain a completed tenancy application from your tenant before letting. This also contains consent from the tenant(s) to carry out credit checks.

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