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Credit & Referencing provided through the British Landlords Association. Please select below the number of tenants that require Credit & Referencing, if a guarantor is required you must add this to the reports required

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British Landlords Association credit & Referencing

Credit & Referencing provided through the British Landlords Association is custom-designed to make the tenant application process more efficient than ever before; this service is a tool of choice for letting agents large and small.

It is very competitive, and efficient, saving considerable time and headache for landlords and letting agents.

Your tenant provides most of the information which the platform requests directly from your tenant, any missing or incorrect information is followed up by the platform again, directly communicating with your tenant.

This new revolutionary process relieves the landlord and letting agents of time-consuming headaches.

References are sought from the employer and previous landlord if applicable.

This service includes:

1. Checks on the address and date of birth of the prospective tenant

2. Checks to see if they are on the electoral roll

3. How much does the tenant currently owe lenders

4. Any late payments on existing or past credit card or loan account

5. Any missed payments on existing or past accounts

6. County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) registered against the tenant.

7. Whether the tenant’s home has been repossessed

8. Whether the tenant has been made bankrupt

9. Checks to see if the tenant entered into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

10. Checks for undisclosed addresses or names

11. Affordability Check

12. Income & Employment Check

13. Right to Rent Check

14. Other Considerations

15. Risk Category

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Credit & Referencing

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