Landlords concern over New Pet legislation

Landlords concern over New Pet legislation

Renters (Reform) Bill: Landlord Concerns

Private residential landlords have significant concerns about pets in rented properties ahead of the Renters (Reform) Bill being enacted.

The Renters (Reform) Bill proposes some major changes, including the abolition of evictions under Section 21, the introduction of a “lifetime” deposit system, and provisions for tenants to request consent from their landlords to keep pets. 

While these changes are intended to offer stability and security for tenants, they raise some questions about the impact on landlords and the management of their properties.

The findings of a survey by Statista on behalf of the Leaders Romans Group reveal apprehension about the new rules under the renter’s reform bill.

The survey revealed that 57% of UK households had pets in 2023. However, it introduces various problems for property maintenance, tenant relationships, and letting agents.

Some 56% of landlords surveyed predict negative impacts from Bill’s approach to pet ownership in rental properties; in contrast, only 9.81% view it as a positive effect. 

This concern goes into the potential effects of abolishing Section 21 evictions, demonstrating a level of concern about the pet policy issue within the private residential rental sector.

However, 56% of landlords perceive the impact of the “right to request a pet” as positive for tenants, compared to 16% who view it as unfavourable and 16% who believe it will make no difference. 

Only 10% are still determining the impact. Interestingly, tenants were less concerned about pet ownership; 68% said when they last moved, they did not ask to keep a pet, as they did not own one.

18% asked and were accepted, 9% had difficulty finding somewhere to rent, and only 2% said they had trouble and didn’t get a pet.

Allowing tenants to request permission to keep pets would require changing tenancy agreements and acknowledging pets’ importance in people’s lives.

Mr Sajjad Ahmad, the CEO of the British Landlords Association, noted the following main concerns residential landlords have. The areas of concern for landlords are:

What are the specific concerns that landlords have about pets in rented properties? 

How would the proposed changes in the Renters (Reform) Bill affect landlords’ management of properties? 

What would be the requirements and procedures for tenants to request consent from their landlords to keep pets?

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