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Guidance for landlords and agents: Private rental fees ban

From 1 September 2019, Welsh Government is banning private rental fees.

This means landlords and letting agents in Wales will no longer be able to charge tenants for additional fees.

If a current tenancy started or was signed before 1 September 2019, tenants will continue to pay the fees in this tenancy.

If a tenancy agreement is agreed after 1 September 2019, there are certain fees that tenants will not have to pay.

Examples of these are:

  • signing a contract tenancy agreement
  • renewing a tenancy agreement
  • requesting a check list about the condition of the property and items within it before they move in (known as an inventory fee)
  • accompanied viewings
  • fees when they move in (known as check in fees)
  • fees when they move out (known as check out fees)
  • administration fees
  • fees to reserve a property (known as holding fees)
  • inspection fees when moving out

Fees tenants will still have to pay

  • rent
  • security deposits (if required)
  • holding deposits to reserve a property (if required). This is refundable and tenants should not pay more than one week’s rent
  • late payment of rent or breach of a tenancy agreement (known as default payments)
  • council tax (if this is part of tenancy agreement)
  • utilities, for example water, electricity (if this is part of tenancy agreement)
  • TV licence (if this is part of tenancy agreement)
  • communication services, for example internet, telephone (if part of tenancy agreement)

The Welsh Government has released a practical guide to help landlords and letting agents understand the ban and what this means for them. Download the guide Click here.

Source: Rent Smart Wales

Date: 27th of August 2019


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