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EHS supplies economical and renewable hot water and central heating systems for domestic properties and, as our name suggests, we are concerned solely with economic electricity-powered heating devices, renewable energy capture and energy storage solutions. 

For property owners who want to move away from certifying and servicing fossil fuel boilers (gas, LPG, Oil, Coal, wood), we can offer a greener, more controllable system that can make use of the available low-cost electricity tariffs and renewable resources.

The Future is electric

Renewable resources made up over 43% of the total UK electricity supply in 2020, overtaking fossil fuels as the major source of supply for the first time.

The UK government is already aggressively expanding its offshore wind power generation, stating that by 2030 there will be enough electricity to power every home in the UK.

Against a backdrop of dwindling gas and oil reserves and the inability to make hydrogen production make economic sense, electricity, whilst already the most versatile of fuels will become the cheapest.

Direct replacements for Gas Boilers

Electric boilers are direct replacements for gas boilers and are cheaper to install and maintain.

EHS Electric boilers are a similar price to gas boilers and are cheaper and easier to install, as there is no need for a flue, there is no need to replace the radiators in the property, and there is no requirement for a specialised gas safe plumber, (they must, however, be installed by a qualified electrician).

Because there are no gas safety issues, they also do not need any mandatory annual servicing or certificate, and they can be sited almost anywhere within a property. EHS electric boiler also has very few moving parts which means there is very little to go wrong.

Obviously, there is no hiding from the fact that electricity is currently 4 times the price of gas and whilst the boilers are 100% efficient, the day to day running costs of the boiler will be more expensive than running a gas boiler.

There are, however, many ways a property owner can mitigate this (a) insulating the property as much as possible from the ground floor up and, (b) making use of low-cost night-time tariffs by producing and storing hot water when tariffs are low. There are also opportunities for using thermal stores to help with heating.

Two Types of Electric Boilers.

Electric heating EHS Electric Combination Boilers

EHS Electric combination boilers supply heating and hot water like a gas combi boiler. EHS Electric Combi boilers are ideal where the property is small, and there is no gas supply.

Ideally, the property would be a one- or two-bedroom flat with one bathroom with a shower. Hot water flow rates are up to 7 l/min are achievable on a 14kw single phase combi. So for properties with baths or higher flow rate requirements, we recommend the EHS System boiler coupled with an unvented indirect cylinder.

EHS Electric System Boilers supply heating the same as a gas system boiler. Ideally, the boiler would be coupled to a cylinder to store the hot water on an S-plan system with a programable thermostat for heating and hot water.

If the owner chooses a renewable low-cost night-time tariff, then the cost of the hot water can be reduced significantly. We recommend that where large amounts of hot water are required, the system boiler is coupled to an indirect, unvented cylinder. This will provide copious amounts of mains pressure hot water.

Advantages of Electric Boilers to landlords

  • Tennant safety – there is no risk of a leak of carbon monoxide or gas.
  • As it’s electric there is no need for an annual Gas Safety Certificate.
  • Easy and cheap to Install.
  • Low annual servicing costs
  • 99% efficient.
  • Extremely quiet due to very few moving parts.
  • Stylish touchscreen control and display.
  • No flue is required so there is no need to place it near an outside wall.
  • Carbon-free home heating if used in conjunction with 100% renewable energy tariff.
  • Power modulates from 2kw to full power using less energy. 
  • No annual servicing is required and minimal repairs. 
  • Neat and compact design. 
  • Compatible with solar PV systems. 
  • Electric Boilers are a great backup for Air and ground source heat pumps. 

All systems are available via our website www.ehs-heating.com or contact us on 0345 826 8699 and we can discuss your needs.

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