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british landlords associationSome Landlords Associations the Landlord Legal advice line is run by landlords who give advice to other landlords. Our member Landlord Advice Line is a direct line to practising housing lawyers, who are Experts in Housing law.

Our Landlord advice line is managed by our consultants who have a wealth of experience dealing with bad tenants.  Recent research has shown that our members have stated that our Landlord Advice Line is one of their most precious benefits of being a member of the BLA. As mentioned the advice line is FREE to all members of The BLA.

Top Four Landlord Advice line Inquiries include:

1. What is the correct process in evicting a difficult tenant? 2. Tenancy deposit protection issue? 3. A student tenant wants to swap with another student, what do I do? 4. Question on creating a new tenancy *Subject to reasonable use policy – Please note we cannot advise on:-

  • Planning or Building regulation issue’s
  • Housing benefit issue’s
  • Any Deposit issues- save for your legal obligation under the HA to protect a deposit
  •  How to complete a court documents
  • Advice or issues regarding long leasehold properties or problems with leasehold management companies

When it comes to legal issue’s and our members want help the British Landlords Association work with Landlord Advice UK one of the UK’s marker leaders who deal with bad tenant issue’s.  You can watch them at work on channel 5, nightmare tenants.

You can email our landlord legal Advice Line with your query, but please note you must state the full name of the member holding the BLA membership.

Members of The BLA call the dedicated Landlord Advice Line on: 020 3903 2000 (local rate) Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

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