In this section, you will find template letters for – Rent arrears, breach of tenancy, court action, court bailiff and section 8, 21 and other notices.

Note: Notice period for section 8 & 21 has changed again, in some (not all) instances the notice period is now six months. If you are not sure about the notice period, seek advice from our helpline 01293 855700

Tenant Means Letter

Courts for possession claims now expect information on how COVID-19 may have impacted the tenant's tenancy. Possession claims could be delayed if the evidence is not provided.

Re-Activation Court covering letter

Re-activation covering letter for the court accompanies a certificate of service, copy of activation notice served on the tenant and may be an up to date rent schedule.

Possession Claim Re-Activation (Tenant)

Possession Claim Re-Activation notice (Court Copy) which is a requirement for all existing possession claims already lodged with the court. See court copy too!

Possession Claim Re-Activation (Court)

Possession Claim Re-Activation notice (Court Copy) which is a requirement for all existing possession claims already lodged with the court. See tenants copy too!

Section 21 Notice

New Section 21 notice Form 6A, (Version Sept 2020) you can use the covering letter under this section to accompany your Notice, read the section 21 notice guide before serving the Notice.

Section 21 Wales

New Wales 6 month Section 21 Notice for Welsh landlords for COVID-19. This notice has been updated and is the latest September 2020 version. This notice Must not be used for England.

Section 21 Guide

Section 21 Form 6A guide (Sept 2020 version) for landlords. Due to recent legislation, the Notice period for eviction has changed, please read this guide before serving a section 21 Notice on your tenant.

Section 8 Notice (All)

Section 8 Notice with all main grounds, 8,10,11,12,14 & 17 also contains the relevant text under the Act, delete text for grounds you don't need. This is the new Sept 2020 version under COVID-19.

Section 8 Notice

New (September 2020) 6 month notice period section 8 notice, rent arrears grounds 8,10 & 11. Be aware of the new notice periods. Download the blank rent schedule and section 8 Notice covering letter.

Section 8 Notice G12

New Section 8 notice (Sept 2020), rent arrears grounds 8,10,11 includes Grounds 12 for breach of tenancy. If accumulated arrears of 6 months or more, then consider serving 2 separate S8 notices.

Section 8 Grounds

Under section 8 notice, there are 17 grounds. This list explains all 17 grounds of what those grounds are. However, you are required to cite the exact text from the Housing Act for each ground pleaded.

Section 8 Letter 1

Rent arrears section 8 cover letter template, to accompany a section 8 notice for any of the grounds 8,10 or 11.

Section 8 Letter 2

This letter is used when the section 8 notice expires. It urges tenant to contact the landlord urgently, or court action will commence promptly.

COVID-19 Rent Arrears

COVID-19 template letter for landlords to use for defaulting renters through the COVID-19 period. Sets out the current legal position regards to paying rent.

Rent Arrears Letter 1

An initial gentle letter, putting the tenant on notice of the rent arrears. A reminder to pay the rent as soon as possible, or to contact the landlord.

Rent Arrears Letter 2

A follow-up letter 2, requesting the tenant to pay the rent within seven days. Links to various benefit options, including means form.

Rent Arrears Letter 3

The final letter, before serving a section 8 notice, requesting the tenant to pay the rent urgently. Template sets out implications of court action too.

Breach Letter 1

A template letter to accompany section 8 notice, ground 12 or other related grounds. It is commonly used, for damage to property or nuisance like noise.

Bailiff Letter

Template letter to the tenant regarding bailiff and setting out the process and timeline, requesting the tenant to engage to ensure a smooth process.

Pre-Bailiff Letter

Template letter used when you have received a court possession order, requesting the tenant to engage in a check-out and or property inspection.

Pre-Eviction Letter

This template letter is informing the tenant of the date and time of eviction, requesting the tenant to remove all belongings, item etc.

Post-Eviction Letter

A template letter that requests ex-renter to collect items, property that is remaining in the property with a time limit.

Rent Increase S13

Section 13 Notice to increase rent for a Periodic Assured Shorthold Tenancy. You cannot use this while the tenancy is under fixed term (not expired).

Section 48 Notice

Section 48 Notice, the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 states that landlords of residential tenancies in England and Wales must furnish their tenants with an address in England & Wales at which notices can be served.

Landlord Agent termination letter

Free landlord agent termination letter, template download for landlords who wish to terminate their agreement with their letting agent.

Pre-Action Letter against Letting agent

Pre-Action Letter against Letting agent. Try to amicable resolve issue's with your agent and avoid litigation if possible. Consider using the agent redress scheme too.