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Landlord Forum Rules and Guidelines and Terms of Use

1. By registering as a Member of the BLA Landlord Forums you agree to abide by these Landlord Forum Rules and be legally bound by the Terms of Use.

2. We recommend you use an alias (User Name) rather than your real name – it’s not a good idea to use your e-mail address. Keep your password private and safe at all times.

3. Do not use trade names as User Names or otherwise tout for business in your posts, links or signatures.

4. Do not use these landlord forums to promote your products.

5. Be civil – watch your language and do not insult or antagonise other BLA Members.

6. Do not respond to Spammers by replying or answering their posts – please report any problems to us email and leave us to moderate.

7. Do not post the same query twice in the same thread or to more than one Landlord Forum.

8. Do not use capitals and/or large text in posts or in signatures (this is equivalent to SHOUTING).

9. Do not introduce new topics/problems to someone else’s thread and interrupt (hi-jack) a topic of discussion.

10. Watch your sense of humour and comments that could be discriminatory – posts are read by people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and ages.

11. Avoid generalisations of particular groups of people relating to their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, occupations or roles such as landlords, agents, tenants, where they were born or where they live, to name but a few.

12. Do not post information that should be kept private: posts must not contain information which may identify and embarrass or compromise individuals or organisations – you could become the subject of a law suit.

13. Do not post content that violates copyright or libel laws – you could be held personally liable.

14. Do not post comments which denigrate this website, its administrators, moderators or advertisers.

15. Members must discuss site/Landlord forum management issues via PM with Administrators / Moderators and not raise gripes in public threads.

16. Please inform by email if you spot any violations of the rules.

17. You should not rely on any information or advice on this forum, you MUST seek independent advice before you take any action. This Landlord is just a Forum.

Landlord Forum Infraction Penalties:

We operate a “three strikes and you’re out” policy on these forums. If a Member accumulates 3 infractions in under 3 months we take action. First time it’s 10 days’ suspension. Any subsequent infraction within a further 3 months and your account is removed – a total ban.

Spammers and Advertisers may be banned without notice.

Serious posting offenders many receive an immediate ban subject to adjudication by the moderator / administrator team.

Landlord Forum Main Infraction Reasons:

  • Bad Language
  • Insulting other Members
  • Libellous and Illegal Content
  • Spamming
  • Trolling, Flaming and Flooding
  • Advertising, Promoting and Touting for Business
  • Malicious Intent and Scurrilous Behaviour
  • Racist or Discriminatory Comments
  • Inappropriate Private Messages (PMs) or e-mails
  • Bad mouthing or denigrating LandlordZONE, its administrators, moderators or advertisers on this and other forums
  • Offensive or Inappropriate User Names, Signatures or Avatars
  • Multiple aliases for malicious purposes
  • Inciting Others to Break These Rules
  • Ignoring Moderator Requests and Infractions

Landlord Forum Terms and Conditions of Use:

1. By registering and using the Landlord Forums you agree to comply fully with the Landlord Forum Rules and these Terms and Conditions. To use and not to post or encourage others to post any of the following: defamatory, discriminatory, libellous, illegal, racist, threatening, harassing, abusive, obscene or objectionable material, rumours or unsubstantiated facts or hype either from or based on your own original sources, third party sources or from previously published material, unauthorised advertising or marketing material or spam infringement of another’s privacy, confidentiality or intellectual property rights, flooding the discussion Landlord forum, chain letters, computer viruses or any form of malicious software code, pyramid schemes or any other material or activity which may cause problems to us or to other users of the web site or forum

2. By submitting your contribution you grant The BLA a perpetual royalty-free right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute and exercise all copyright. If you do not want to grant these rights, please do not submit your contribution.

3. We will, using all reasonable discretion, remove without notice, alter or totally block information you post on the forum where we feel we have good reason to do so, including for legal, presentation and space reasons, or when the information is out of date or offensive or in any way breaks the Landlord forum rules – see above.

4. We do not have the time to routinely monitor or screen material on or relating to our web sites and discussion landlord forum and therefore cannot accept liability for the material posted. Contributions made by visitors to the Landlord forum are not ours and are not routinely known to us unless they are brought to our attention.

5. If we receive what we feel is a reasonable and justifiable complaint about material posted we will remove the post promptly and without notice or permission. Libellous breach of copyright posts or any post containing illegal content will be removed immediately when are notified or become aware of them.

6. We don’t normally reveal a poster’s details to complainants but may be obliged to do so if the complaint is the subject of legal action.

7. You warrant that material posted by you is your own original work and does not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights.

8. You agree to The BLA against all legal fees, damages and other costs and expenses that may be incurred as a result of your breach of any of the terms of this notice.

9. We do not allow advertising or touting for business on this Landlord Forum, including when your user name or signature is a business name and when you put links in your posts or signature.

10. Naming and shaming individuals or organisations on a public forum can give aggrieved posters a sense of satisfaction, but this can come at a high price. We have had instances of Members being sued for libel for posts they made about certain organisations. UK libel laws are very onerous and organisations are often willing to pursue anyone through the courts to protect their hard won reputations. Even if you are confident about your facts, a libel action must be defended and the legal costs involved are substantial – even if you win. If you lose, you could have to pay your own legal costs, those of the applicant, any damages awarded, and any costs for related parties such as those of The BLA – as a Landlord forum Member you have agreed to indemnify The BLA against any and all legal costs resulting from your actions on these Landlord forums.

11. Removing posts can be difficult and expensive and is often unfair to those who have spend time answering questions. Posts often get copied to numerous other posts which means that editing or removing them without destroying the meaning of a whole thread becomes a very time consuming activity for our technicians. We may charge you for our time to remove posts which are not libellous or illegal but which you subsequently feel you would like removed or edited.

12. Even when we remove posts from the BLA Landlords forums, these may still appear on a Google search as they are stored for some time in the Google cache. Should this be the case, it is your responsibility as a poster to contact Google or other search engine administrators if you want to have them remove the offending content more quickly.

13. Posting of questionnaires for research academic purposes is permitted only with written approval from the BLA admin 020 3903 2000 (email). Posters must provide evidence of their academic credentials and questionnaires must not collect personal information or offer prizes / discounts etc. Questionnaires for commercial purposes are not permitted on this forum.

14. If any part or provision of these Terms becomes or is deemed invalid, void or unenforceable, the part shall be rendered ineffective and shall in no way affect the validity or enforceability of any other part or provisions.

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