In this section, you will find – Health & Safety templates, guides for asbestos, electric, gas, fire, Legionnaires and more.

With the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act and licensing legislation it is essential landlords understand their obligations.

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Audit Checklist – Legionella Bacteria

Audit Checklist - Legionella Bacteria for property managers, agents and landlords make the process simple by following this checklist.

Asbestos landlord Duties

Asbestos UK landlord Duties this sets out the duties of landlords, agents and property managers, so they are fully compliant.


Asbestos Contractor Competence Checklist for compliance purposes this makes things easier for property managers and landlords.


Asbestos-Hazards-Checklist for property managers, agents and landlords. Simple and easy to follow step guide for managing asbestos.

Electrical safety Guidance

Comprehensive electrical safety guidance for UK landlords. Important information for landlords and agents when letting a property.

Electrical Safety Check Template

Electrical Safety Check Template makes the process of compliance for property managers, agents and landlords that much easier.

Electrics Essentials Basics

The BLA Electrics essential Basics UK. An easy read that useful for property managers, agents and landlords.

HMO Fire Risk Assessment

HMO Fire Risk Assessment for property managers, agents and landlords, essential for those managing HMO's to assess and manage risk

Fire safety furniture and furnishings

Guide for UK landlords, and everything landlords need to know about Fire safety for furniture and furnishings when letting.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) UK regulations the essential basics for landlords, letting agents and property managers.


How to deal with a condensation fact sheet for UK landlords. Everything a landlords needs to know about condensation when letting a property 2020.

Comprehensive Coronavirus Booklet

Coronavirus booklet for landlords, renters and homeowners. Written by Landlord Advice UK one the leading housing lawyers.