Landlords Association Trending News Hands Down Women make the best Estate Agents

Hands Down Women make the best Estate Agents

Hands Down Women make the best Estate Agents 1Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram attract more females to its platform with Pinterest alone attracting three times as many female users than male.  The picture sharing sites overall is very popular among women and with the growing attraction of real-estate agents with social media, arguably this puts women firmly in the driving seat to potentially influence the housing market for the decades to come.

In an article published in the Independent in 2018, ‘How Estate Agents Are Turning To Instagram To Sell Homes’, it highlighted how Instagram influencers are bringing a rock-n-roll vibe to transform how properties are marketed from the days of ‘wine and cheese’ open-house viewings to today Truman-Show-esque select moments, in a positive way, designed to capture an audience in their 10’s of 1000’s.  According to the article real-estate agents in the US have embraced social media as a key marketing tool,  Some developers and real estate agents are trying to change… experimenting with social media influencer partnerships, Instagram backdrops and Snapchat-friendly house tours to sell properties, including blocks of apartments in big rental buildings and single-family luxury homes.”

Female Voice & Real-Estate

The world is now instant. People share moments of their life minute-by-minute and when it comes to selling homes, social media is a fantastic medium to share your lifestyle, especially the interior of your home; we don’t all have an infinity pool or gold bathtubs filled with plastic bitcoin but that doesn’t stop most of us from wanting to the ‘live the dream’ and more poignantly, restraining the impulse to want to share every micro-moment to impress. Like it or loathe it social media and real-estate is a paradigm shift that is here to stay.

With over four billion people connected online, selling homes through big web-portals restricted to one or two countries are now old school.  What is more, wholesale change is around the corner with the march of blockchain technology coupled with the growing influence of social-media.  Therefore, it is only a question of time before most consumers make the switch to social media influencers and social platforms as part of a new menu of digitised options to market properties.  These influencers will dominate the future real-estate market and their voices will be female.

A New Dawn: A New Agent

My Backyard is a digitised environment where consumers can sell and let properties globally through sharing and where the # will feature strongly in driving the sales and lettings process. On this very point the article in the Independent states, Evan Asano, the founder of Mediakix, an influencer marketing agency, estimates that advertisers – ranging from small mobile gaming apps to American Express – will spend $1.6bn this year on paid Instagram influencer posts, up from an estimated $1bn in 2017. (Celebrities like Ariana Grande or a Kardashian/Jenner sister, who are top influencers, can make $500,000 to $1m for a single post. Smaller so-called micro-influencers often post about products in exchange for free stuff.)’

Listings & The Collaborative

Once you get your head around the changing concept of an agent as someone working out of an office on the high street for anyone who has an influence on social media, then the logical extension is for providers and investors to accelerate opportunities to market and source properties via collaborations with social media  influencers.  Such collaborations might take the form of branding and marketing events, but on a generic level many consumers may well choose to market their properties through ‘Instagram-moments.’ This is great to way sell and let property and the immediacy of the medium is far too attractive to ignore.  The fact that deals are not happening via social media routinely is simply because no one has considered how to harness social media and real-estate as a mode to transact, until now.

My Backyard Platform gives savvy consumer visibility on a global platform to share listings, property news and networks to create a more dynamic real-estate market. This marks the end of silo working and the start of faster and cheaper real-estate transactions through the collaborative.  The # is the new For Sale/To Let Board.

Let’s Freshen Things Up

It’s time to freshen up the real-estate market with an approach driven by new technologies designed to engage future generations of homeowners.  My Backyard is bringing passion into the market and social media is a perfect fit. Communities manage their own listings via Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube video to put their personal stamp on property listings.   Millennials are now in the driving the seat and there is no going back.  My Backyard is the future property listing model.

What Next For 2019?

Collaborations are the way forward.  My Backyard is pleased to be working with global agents like Resort Group Global & Smartimmo to on-board their networks so that they can market their inventory as well as network around the clock to source properties.

2019 will be very much about strategic collaborations to build on our existing partnership with for example, The British Landlords Association to reach more stakeholders, developers, investors, asset management firms, consumers and agents all looking to buy and let residential and commercial properties globally.

Expect to see more communities on the platform, especially as providers start making deals and word gets out just how easy it is to market and source properties through the shared economy.

Why Sign-Up?

Instantly Bring Your Properties To Market

List properties and share your listings within minutes with investors and consumers already networking on the platform and with a global audience via social media channels.

Find Properties, Buyers & Rentiers In Real-Time

Network to source properties from developers, landlords, agents etc. Via private or group messaging and as you expand your network you can develop more opportunities locally and abroad.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to listings; follow information minute-by-minute to ensure that you are the first to find out about the latest developments in any location around the world, day or night.

FREE Access

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My Backyard Brand

We are on a mission to grow the biggest global property network so that future consumers can benefit from instant visibility of listings and investors can source properties at the click of a button.

If you want to stand out from the pack, help promote My Backyard’s simple concept of a new real-estate market: to create value for all through sharing local property information globally.

You can sign-up via the Landing Page:

Date; 15th of February 2019

Source; mybackyard

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