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Connaught Law offers British Landlord Association members conveyancing services when they want to sell or buy property at competitive rates.

Connaught’s has a dedicated residential property conveyancing team that has built a solid reputation in advising clients in the UK and overseas in all aspects of residential property transactions, including the sale and purchase of residential property, borrowing, lease extensions and leasehold enfranchisement.

They appreciate that the risks and associated pressure on a transaction can be very high. Their lawyers can guide clients through the process and ensure that the matter proceeds to completion as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Their continuing commitment to excellence reflects their lawyer’s dedication to regularly updating clients and ensuring all questions are answered. As a result of their pragmatic and reliable approach, they have built a loyal base of repeat clients, both overseas and in the UK.

Connaught Law advises on the following areas:

  • Freehold acquisitions and dispositions;
  • Transfers of Equity;
  • Lease extensions;
  • Sale and purchase of properties “off-plan” for domestic and international buyers; and
  • Re-finance and lending

If you rely on a mortgage to assist you in purchasing your home, your mortgage lender will instruct a solicitor to act for them. The mortgage lender will not always instruct the same solicitor acting for you in your purchase.

The most common reason a mortgage lender instructs a separate solicitor is that the buyer’s solicitor is not on the lender’s panel of solicitors. Instead, all mortgage companies maintain a panel of solicitors whom they instruct.

When a firm is not on a particular lender’s panel, it cannot act for that lender. Instead, it is quicker and cheaper if the same solicitor works for both the buyer and the buyer’s lender.

If a separate solicitor is acting for the mortgage lender, the buyer’s solicitor paperwork will have to be sent to the lender’s solicitor, causing delays in the conveyancing process. In addition, the buyer will have to pay two lots of solicitor’s fees.

Connaught’s is on most mortgage lenders’ list of approved solicitors. Connaught is on the panel of various mortgage lenders. Click here to contact Connaught Solicitors.

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