Buy a Guarantor – Costs landlords nothing, covers rent arrears risk

Buy A Guarantor Costs Landlord Nothing, Cover Rent Arrears

“Housing Hand” is a unique service for UK landlords, especially during times when renters seem to be defaulting due to job losses etc.

Housing Hand offers Landlords a quick and easy solution to the guarantor problem, as well as 100%, Secured Rent, at no cost to them or the Letting Agent whatsoever.

Rent protection insurance seems to be popular, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and landlord rent guarantee is an essential element to consider when letting any property.

Housing Hand is a UK based rent guarantor service

Housing Hand acts as a rent guarantor service for landlords.

They are an award-winning UK rent guarantor service offering comprehensive cover of rent, damages, and dilapidation for students and working professionals.

Housing Hand work closely with landlords

When a Landlord has a tenant that needs a rent guarantor, they need to point the tenant in the direction of Housing Hand.

The tenant will be able to confirm they are eligible and get a quote for using the Rent Guarantor Service in minutes. It’s that simple.

Housing Hand act as a tenant’s Guarantor

If a tenant is eligible, they can sign up, and Housing Hand will become their acting Guarantor.

It’s up to the tenants to pay Housing Hand each month, so you, the landlord, pay nothing at all. You can sit back and relax in the knowledge that your monthly rental income is secured.

You don’t need to lose a tenant again.

You will not need to turn away good prospective tenants because they cannot supply a qualifying UK-based guarantor!

Housing Hand provides you with a safe way of ensuring you can rent out your property without any risk of defaulting tenants.

What does the service cost landlords?

The service is free for landlords. Housing Hand charge the tenant a one-off fee at the beginning of their tenancy but can also split the cost over a period of months.

Can a guarantor back out?

No. Once the AST and Guarantor Deed have been signed, Housing Hand is bound for a fixed term of the tenancy, so that is one less worry for landlords.

How long is the protection for?

The guarantee Housing Hand provides covers all their customer’s tenant liabilities, as detailed in the tenancy agreement.

If a tenant defaults, send them an invoice with the default details and expect payment within 28 days.

Please complete the short form below; upon completion, you will be directed to the relevant part of the Housing Hand website.

Rent Guarantee Insurance

The difference between the Housing Hand guarantor insurance and Rent

Guarantee Insurance is that rent guarantor insurance is a product the landlord buys.

The Housing Hand is a product the tenant pays and buys.

Where some tenants have a poor credit history or a poor credit score landlords, tend to consider several months’ rent in advance as a way forward.

The problem with this when the subsequent rent payments are due, landlords find the rent is unpaid.

Tenancy agreement

To avoid contention, including problems of unpaid rent or damage, you must use a good professionally written tenancy agreement.

You can consider using The British Landlords Association tenancy agreement, which is specifically written for landlords.

Credit Check

Credit checks are essential; a landlord or agent may discover the tenant is a high risk, and the option of using rent protection insurance or a guarantor comes into play. 


I Can’t Get a Tenant Guarantor; what can I do?

You can use the “Housing Hand” product; this serves the same purpose as a physical guarantor; tenants can buy a policy provided the landlord or letting agents agree to this.

What is a Tenant Guarantor?

It is someone who guarantees to pay any rent arrears and any other associated expenses related to the tenant’s tenancy.  

Who can act as the Guarantor?

Anyone provided they are an adult and have a good credit rating with the ability to service the tenancy if the tenant defaults.

What is a Tenant Guarantor Form?

This is an application for the Guarantor to volunteer to stand as a guarantor. The information gleaned from the form is used to check the creditworthiness of the Guarantor.

Download a Guarantor Form

You can download a guarantor form from the services page if you are a British Landlord Association member.

Members can seek legal advice should they require BLA appointed lawyers.

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