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Dear Member/Customer

We are sorry you have unsubscribed from our email list. One of the main reason members unsubscribes may be due to being on the wrong list, which means you receive emails which may not be of interest to you.

We have recently created and added new email lists, which means you receive specific emails for specific interests and services, so you will only receive emails when and if there is news, new regulations or particular products.

Most members do not want to unsubscribe from the “Members” email list; unsubscribing may affect your ability to login into your membership account.

Unsubscribing from the Members list will affect your access to free online courses, including accreditation. If we cannot send emails to you, we will have no choice but to cancel your member.

To ensure you are on the correct email list, a list that may be of interest to you, we encourage you to check the list below and complete the simple form below so we can remove you from an incorrect list and add you to the correct list.

Newspaper – a daily newspaper emailed daily. This paper contains the latest news which will be of interest to landlords, letting agents & investors. The news is national and international. The news is from various sources.

Members – This list is so we can communicate with members regarding there membership, awareness of recent legislation, new free documents, courses and accreditation.

Mortgages – About mortgages, re-financing, products all news regarding finance that affects landlords and investors, including tax changes that may affect landlords.

FREQUENCY – on average once in 3 months

Insurance – About insurance products and offers and all news regarding insurance that affects landlords and investors.
FREQUENCY – on average once a month

Credit Checks – About Credit & Referencing and all news regarding credit checks, including products & special offers.
FREQUENCY – on average once in 2 months

Document Download – emails regarding new documents that have been uploaded or changes in the law that may affect existing contracts, documents or notices.
FREQUENCY – on average once in 3 months

New Blog – Usually email sent if of interest to landlords and investors, email may contain 1 to 3 blogs with a short description, if of interest you can click to read the full article on our website.
FREQUENCY – on average 3rd day

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