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2020 Comparison for the Best Landlords Association in the UK


2020 Which UK Landlords Association to join?

This is a comparison of the Landlord’s Association’s in the UK, the services landlords associations provide and the cost of membership.

Consideration when looking to join a good landlords association:

What is a landlords association?

A Landlords Association is an organisation for Landlords whose members in the main are Landlords and Letting agents. A Landlords Association role is to provide support and representation with the interested of landlords and letting agents usually by lobbying government and key ministers.

Landlords Association provides resources like documents, advice and keeps their members up to date, relevant legislation that comes into force from time to time.

Recently the last 4 years at least the housing law has changed drastically a raft of new legislation has come into force that directly affects landlord. Landlords Association plays a crucial role in making its members aware of the new legislation or new pending legislation. The Tenant Deposit scheme is a classic example where so many landlords got caught out where they simply were not aware of the new legislation.

Most of the larger associations provide landlord telephone support and a variety of other resources, like downloadable forms e.g. Tenancy agreements, inventory documents, eviction notice, rent arrears letters, inspection letters etc.

Which are the best national Landlords Associations that I can join?

We have found a few landlord associations scattered around different parts of the UK covering mainly local area’s. The following landlord’s Associations are national landlord associations and appear to cover England & Wales. The British Landlords Association (The BLA) and the NLA cover Scotland too.

Landlords Associations   | Fee   | Basic Landlord Association information

British Landlords Association       | FREE | Lifetime

Residential Landlord Association | £79.95 | 1-year membership

National Landlords Association    | £120    | 1-year membership

What are the benefits of joining a Landlords Association?

Generally, Associations offer the following benefits

  • Landlord advice Line support for members of all landlord related issues.
  • Information on important, relevant Landlord issues in the UK.
  • Landlord information on new or pending regulations or Acts a.
  • Relevant important case law history
  • Downloadable landlord legal documents
  • Discounts on 3rd part member services
  • Meet Fellow Landlords to listen & discuss landlords issues
  • Strengthens the voice of the landlord community, which can be particularly useful when petitioning against unfair regulations, for example.

Should I join a Landlords Association?

Given the last few years, the government has bought in a raft of legislation that directly affects landlords we say you ought to join a Landlord Association. Which Landlords Association you join is a matter for you. Maybe a good idea to go onto the websites of the 3 main Landlords Associations and then decide.

The cost of joining a Landlords Association?

The costs of joining one of the national landlords association are, as above. However, there are many small local Landlords Associations too. The only downside to joining a local Landlords Association is you are unlikely to receive the benefits you would receive by joining a national large landlords Association.

How many good free national landlords associations are there in the UK?

Currently, to the best of our knowledge, The British Landlords Association is the only free landlords association in the UK covering England & Wales.

To Join the BLA click here

Author; Helen Cartwright

Date; 18th of October 2019

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