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Twitter British Landlords Association @Landlord_UK #thebla

Welcome to the British Landlord Association Twitter profile page overview. 

This page is for our elderly members. If you are not a BLA member, then why not join us for free now.

Is Twitter useful for me?

Twitter is useful, as you will be able to keep up with online news and social networking. Twitter is a social media site where people communicate with short messages, known as tweets. Tweeting is where you send short tweet messages to anyone who follows you on Twitter. This is with anticipation that your words are useful and exciting to someone.

Some twitter users use Twitter to find people and companies, online and to follow their tweets.

Twitter is especially popular in the United States, whereas of January 2020, the micro-blogging service had an audience reach of 59.35 million users. The fourth quarter of 2019, Twitter had 152 million monetizable daily active users worldwide.

Is #thebla @Landlord_UK twitter account popular?

Twitter has generally been a novelty for many users. However, many businesses use Twitter to promote their business, product or services. Our Twitter Account #thebla @Landlord_UK is useful for landlords, and letting agents. Twitter is a media that keeps you up to date, with the latest landlord related topics. Twitter’s most significant appeal is how rapidly and scan-friendly it is.

Twitter uses a message size restriction, to keep things scan-friendly: every ‘tweet’ entry has a limit of 280 characters or less. This size cap promotes the focused and the clever use of language, which makes tweets very easy to scan, and challenging to write well. This size restriction has made Twitter, a popular social media.

Is the British Landlords Association twitter account popular?

Our Twitter account #thebla @Landlord_UK is very active. The British Landlords Association publishes on average, three articles a day. These tweets are tweeted, on Twitter, and we have a following of more than 13,000 followers.

Once your Twitter account is set-up, you can follow us.

@Landlord_UK #thebla

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