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UK Interest Rate History – dramatic 300 year Base Rate graph

base rate

Interest Rate Graph Under the recent impact of the global financial crisis, the UK base interest rate fell to its lowest level for over 300 years. This is due partly due to the economy being depressed low interest rates help stimulate the economy. The Ukraine war, high energy prices and the rapid increase in inflation in the UK and worldwide …

How To Make A Real Estate Investment Profitable in 2022?


Making Real property investment Profitable? Real estate is one of the most popular sectors for investment. Indeed, this type of investment is ideal for sustaining your resources. However, deciding to invest in real estate is a delicate decision after long and careful consideration. To make the most of it, it is essential to make the best investment choice for yourself. …

Is our housing market about to crash?

UK housing market market crash

Will Our Housing Market Crash 2022? Until very recently, the UK housing market was at its strongest before the EU referendum with COVID-19 and now the Ukraine war UK economy is struggling. Ukraine Russia news is showing alarming new developments as the war in Ukraine intensifies. Ukraine invasion is pushing some world economies to the brink of collapse like Sri …

Is it worth being a landlord in 2022, is it still profitable?

Is it worth being a landlord in 2020?

Is being a landlord worth it Due to a raft of legislation in the last few years not forgetting some adverse tax changes for landlords, one does wonder being a landlord worth it. Due to Covid-19 and the massive government debt, landlords’ commercial and residential landlords can expect further taxes for the property investment sector. Suppose for every 200 tenants …

What landlords need to know about GDPR? | 2022


What is GDPR, and does it apply to landlords? GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. Landlords need to be aware of the data protection legislation and familiarise themselves with the GDPR legal requirements. Some private landlords who may have just one property wrongly think they need to comply with the privacy protection law. They should read this blog or …

Online Landlord training course for Members 2022


Online landlord training Courses Courses are an incredibly useful source of knowledge. Landlords, agents & rental property managers can use the knowledge to make their job easier, more efficient, and much more profitable. If you are not a British Landlord Association member yet, why not join us now. Knowledge is king, to know how to avoid pitfalls, to know your …

Salon leases | 7 legal considerations for Salon Businesses


Salon Business Leases Taking on a lease can be the most significant commitment for your salon business. What should salon business owners know before taking on a lease? It’s essential to consider the lease offered to you before accepting the terms. It is your right to negotiate the lease terms. Nearly all lease terms are negotiated rather than accepting the …

Tenant Referencing & Credit Checks Special offer 33% off Now

Landlord Credit & Reference Checks

The British Landlord Association tenant credit check & reference is an excellent service for landlords and letting agents. The checks include employer references, and also, previous landlord reference checks too.  The BLA tenant credit check & reference is specifically designed for the buy to let market. Members and non-members can use this service; however, BLA members get a 30% discount …

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