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Commercial landlords need urgent Government financial help


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial tenants are seriously challenged as their businesses take a battering. Commercial tenants have received financial support, including legal protection preventing landlords from evicting them or triggering forfeiture. It is right; the Government provides financial support and legal protection to tenants, which in turns supports the broader economy. However, the plight of commercial landlords has …

Whopping £87,00 fine for landlord who had tenants sleeping in cupboards in the eaves of the roof

sleeping in cupboard

In a shocking case, a landlord was found to have set up two tiny homes at the back of a shop in Bristol. The landlord had two children living in cupboards. Last May, Bristol Live revealed the living conditions being endured by 9 people living inside the Avonmouth shop. The landlord was banned from renting out property. When housing inspectors first discovered …

From what date can i evict my tenant?

Covid-19 possession claim

Writ of Possession | Possession Claims Based on “Substantial Rent Arrears” | Updated Regulation Under SI 2021 No 164 |The Public Health (Coronavirus) (Protection from Eviction) (England) (No. 2) Regulations 2021 Intro For so many people, the light is at the end of an exceptionally long and dark tunnel as the UK emerges from the Coronavirus pandemic. Landlords are one …

Is our housing market about to crash?

UK housing market market crash

Coronavirus U.K – Will Our Housing Market Crash 2021? Until very recently, the U.K. housing market was at its strongest before the E.U. referendum. It is good to be optimistic; however, we must not delude ourselves to the reality we face. Few commentators, nevertheless, are making upbeat predictions for our housing market performance for the next 12 months. Now there …

Landlords in Wales will have to give six months’ notice to tenants from 2022

Landlords in Wales will have to give six months' notice to tenants from 2022 1

On the 10th of February 2021, the Welsh Government introduced the Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales), Bill. This new Bill will make amendments to the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016. It is intended to be implemented before the end of this Assembly in May of 2021. This is a tight schedule for the assembly to scrutinise this Bill and consult with …

Landlords revised self-assessment timeline 2021

Landlords revised self-assessment timeline 2021 2

Landlords revised self-assessment timeline, support and what to expect in 2021 Boris Johnson has announced England’s route out of lockdown, as long as the vaccination program continues to roll out across the country. However, the pandemic continues to affect the lives of landlords up and down the country, it’s never been so important to manage finances and plan ahead. Understanding …

Scots able to sell secure tenancies through set valuation from March 2021

scottish farmers

Scottish secure farming tenants will be able to “sell” their tenancy from the end of this month. They can sell to their landlord or another farmer at a price determined by a set formula. The new Scottish legislation applies to farmers who have tenancies under the Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act 1991. It is thought about 4,000 want to relinquish it …

Oldham landlord jailed 9 years after a tenant dies of carbon monoxide poisoning

carbon monoxide

An Oldham landlord is one of two to have been jailed after a tenant died of carbon monoxide poisoning in his flat. Mushtaq Ahmed of Roundthorn Road was sentenced to nine years in prison, and Shafaq Khan, 49, of Gainsborough Drive, Rochdale, was given eight years. This followed the death of their tenant Joao Afonso in his flat at Wood …

List for 2021 – Which is the best Landlords Association for landlords to join?

Landlord Associations

Most associations only represent residential landlords, The British Landlord association represent the residential and the commercial sector. The Commercial sector save for the COVID-19 period have less need for support from a professional organisation, and this is due to several reasons. Most commercial properties are let on a long lease which generally is full repairing and insuring leases. Most commercial …

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