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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Liverpool Buy-to-Let


Investing in Liverpool Buy-to-Let  Property investment appears to be all the rage at the moment. Top on the list for many would-be investors, the property can offer some of the most lucrative opportunities in investment. Offering a solid long-term investment, the property can provide a consistent and reliable income for many years with minimal risk and pressure – depending on …

Housing Problems and Substance Misuse ﹘ How to Help


How to deal with Housing Problems and Substance Misuse Not having a place to call home is a reality that many today live in. It’s no secret that housing insecurities take a toll on the affected individuals, turn their lives upside down in unimaginable ways, and expose them to demeaning experiences in their everyday lives.  While their predicaments mainly arise …

How To Become A Successful Landlord After Retirement


How to Retire as a Landlord? One of the many benefits of retirement is to let you enjoy what life offers and where it takes you. However, retirement can also be stressful as you deal with possible financial problems because you won’t see any paycheck arriving any day soon. Fortunately, there’s a way to earn regular income without getting employed, …

What you need to consider when buying an investment property


Buying Investment Property What you need to consider when buying an investment property Buying a property investment comes with many great benefits and is widely considered a smart way to secure your financial future. However, as with any investment, numerous risks and challenges extend beyond the initial financial requirements. Now is an ideal time if you’re thinking about earning additional …

How much UK rental income is tax-free if you’re a UK landlord living overseas?


Overseas Landlord Tax It’s a dream that many people in Britain have. Move to another country, somewhere sunnier, to work or retire. For those who choose to live their dream, living overseas is often made possible to a greater or lesser extent by the rental income they earn from UK property, one or more, which may include the former family …

Do I Need a Solicitor to Buy a House / Property?


Do I Need a Solicitor To Buy A House / Property? When buying a residential property, a Buy to Let investment property, or a Commercial Property, we strongly recommend you use a qualified solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. If you are purchasing a property through an estate agent, they usually have solicitors they work with. However, solicitors recommended by your …

Will rise in rental income be significant change for UK?


The rise in UK rents A significant change will be the ability to have a property management expert assist more flexibly and cost-effectively in maximising your profit yield from your property’s rental income. Zoopla reported that rental growth across the UK reached 4.6 per cent between July and September, with particularly strong markets in the South West, Wales, and the …

Property Management Software Trends Landlords Should Know About

management software

Property Management Software 80% of property managers are involved in rent collection, repairs and maintenance, and the collection of fees. In addition, they are usually responsible for communicating with tenants and handling tenant queries and complaints. Being a landlord is 90% admin and 10% making deals. Managing these tasks is imperative for tenant retention and tenant satisfaction. So, how can property managers …

7 Most Welcoming Colour Combinations to Paint Your House


Best colours to decorate when renting a property Landlords are always looking for ways to attract high-quality tenants, and one way of doing this is by painting the exterior in colours that will catch the eye. Of course, you could always play it safe and paint your property in just one colour, but tenants want property managers who consider the …

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