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The Future Way To Sell & Let Properties Globally for FREE

The Future Way To Sell & Let Properties Globally for FREE 1Searching

Prior to the internet and the big web-portals, the overwhelming experience of property searches was like going back to the steam age – laboriously slow and as romantic as the steam engine might seem, commuters today would always opt for the bullet train.

It’s easy to forget that before to the 21st Century clients searching for a property were limited to adverts in local newspapers and advertorial posters in the real estate agent’s offices and if that failed, you’d have to drive through neighbourhoods on the lookout for which houses had selling signs up outside.

Back To The Future

My Backyard Global Property Platform is now live and is taking us back to the time when big web-portals didn’t exist and the way to search for properties relied on local information and local networks. But instead of driving through neighbourhoods looking for selling signs, clients can use our platform to navigate globally, create their own listings, promote properties via social media channels and find out the latest information about an area, schools, conveyancing, house prices, crime rates or even broadband speeds.

Our solution combines 20th Century old-fashioned networking with 21st Century technology to deliver a simpler and faster way to sell and let property. We’ve replaced For Sale/To Let Boards with messaging forums to network, source properties and what’s driving change, is blockchain.


The field of technology in the real-estate market is accelerating with digital title deeds, digital mortgages, tokenisation and cryptocurrency.  These are all exciting developments making it possible for example, for a client to view a property in London and make a purchase from the US not in weeks but within minutes all from an app. What this means for stakeholders, especially estate and letting agents, is a rethink of how they sell and let properties globally.  Future providers will need to be digitised and marketing solutions will need to be globalised offering consumers greater capacity to exchange local information around the globe 24/7 and lastly, it must be FREE.

Value For All

Long before the tenant fees ban providers and consumers alike have been demanding cost-effective marketing solutions and greater transparency. My Backyard is responding to popular demand with the next generation of proptech solutions for all stakeholders: providers, suppliers and users to network as the key method to drive the sales and lettings process. Above all, our decentralised approach offers better opportunities to save time and money.  No fees.  No commissions.

According to Juwai, Chinese Consumer International Travel Survey 2018, 56% of Chinese investors spend over 1 year finding their ideal US investment property.  Consumers have become over reliant on web-portals and by largely ignoring the shared economy providers, in particular, have been missing a trick, leading to many lost opportunities and lower returns due to the slow process with finding the right investment.

FREE To Advertise & Network

Our solution marks a turning point: a single global network run on blockchain for all property acquisitions so that providers never have to miss out on property opportunities.  My Backyard is working with communities to trial our solution and grow our network.  As traffic increases consumers will be able to rely on our platform to deliver faster property transactions, increased deal flows, greater connectivity in every corner of the world to gain property insights, minute-by-minute, night-and-day.  We hope that you will sign-up!

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Date 26th of November 2018

Author; mybackyard

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