Written by landlord lawyers specifically for landlords. Using a good tenancy is essential, this section lists all tenancies, from Assured Shorthold tenancy, Common law and license agreements. Visit our Pre-Letting section for other documents you may need.

However, should you require a particular document and you cannot find it, please contact us, if it is of use to other members, our lawyers will produce it for you, free of charge.

Room Let Agreement

Room Let Agreement, latest September 2020 version - To be used only where the tenancy cannot be an "Assured Shorthold tenancy".

HMO Tenancy

HMO tenancy agreement, an assured shorthold tenancy agreement to be used only for an HMO. Read our COVID-19 booklet, see how it affects HMO landlords.

Non Housing Act

Non-Housing Act tenancy agreement, also known as a common law tenancy agreement. A comprehensive latest BLA 2020 agreement.

Company Tenancy

2020 company tenancy agreement. This tenancy is comprehensive and only use this if the tenant is a company. Visit Template Letter section too.

Assured Shorthold

Latest 2020 Assured Shorthold tenancy agreement. This tenancy agreement is comprehensive and widely used in England & Wales by members and non-members.

Lodger Agreement

Only use this agreement where the homeowner resides with the Lodger, and they both share the facilities like the kitchen and bathroom etc.

Tenancy Addendum

An Addendum is a form that is added to the end of an agreement. It sets out which parts of the original contract are changing if any and what is replacing them.

Deed of Assignment

A Deed of Assignment of a Tenancy can is used where an existing tenant wishes to leave a property before the fixed term of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

Guarantor Agreement

Use a Guarantor if the tenant's credit history is poor. A Guarantor is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you don't pay it, for example, a parent or close relative.

Pre-Letting check list

A list of checks required before renting, landlord responsibilities, being a landlord can be rewarding but at the same time, involves a commitment.

Tenancy Scotland Flat

The latest 2020 Tenancy Agreement for Scotland for letting of an unfurnished flat, not to be used in England or Wales. Only for Scotland.

Scotland Tenancy

Tenancy Agreement for Scotland for an unfurnished detached house. This tenancy agreement is strictly for Scotland only. Do not use for England or Wales