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Speed up Tenant Credit & Referencing

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So what happens now, when will the report be ready?

Collecting the information for a tenant credit & referencing can be time-consuming, however with our process as you would have noticed when completing the form, we only ask for the essential information.

The platform contacts your prospective tenant(s) and requests the information from them. This saves time and a headache for landlords & agents. 

The prospective tenants are contacted by email and via mobile phone urging them to provide information for the credit & referencing the report.

How to speed up credit & referencing report?

You can contact the prospective tenants to respond to our request and provide the information and documentation. The platform also requests the right to rent documents too! Which makes things that much easier for you.

The report is generated electronically and will be ready as soon as the tenants have provided all the information.

We do find once the credit & referencing has been initiated and the landlord/agent contacts the prospective tenants they do tend to speed things up.

Should you need to contact us, you can send us an email using [email protected]

We take this opportunity to thank you for using the British Landlord Association credit & referencing service. 

If you are not a member of the British Landlords Association, why not join us! We are the 2nd largest national landlords association in the UK, a free association providing superb service for small and large landlords & Letting agents.  

What new services are being added within the next 28 days:

Landlord & Letting agent courses – some courses will be free for members.

Landlord directory – A comprehensive directory of trades & property related services that a landlord or agent may need. If you own a business, or you have friends or family who do, they can list their business free of charge. Listing in this directory may help in a website rank higher on Google.

Membership Certificate – All members will be able to download a membership certificate which is the first step for accreditation should you wish to obtain accreditation in the future. Yes, you guessed it, the membership certification is Free too.

 Date: 14th of August 2020

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