Landlords Association Recent Landlord News Some good news – Making it easier for landlords to ‘Rent it Right’

Some good news – Making it easier for landlords to ‘Rent it Right’

#thebla-making-it-easier-for-landlords‘Rent it Right’ marketplace event. 

Bexley Council has just reported, Landlords of properties in Bexley made their way to Hall Place and Gardens last week (2 October) for the latest ‘Rent it Right’ marketplace event.

‘Rent it Right’ sees Bexley working in partnership with landlords to meet growing housing needs.  More than 90 landlords and property owners attended the event that was designed to provide information about ‘Rent it Right’ and its three schemes and, a chance to network with other local landlords and partner organisations.

There are main two elements to becoming a ‘Rent it Right’ member – having properties that meet an approved set of property conditions and being formally accredited.

Council’s three partnership schemes:

Rent it Right members then have access to the Council’s three partnership schemes:

·       Licensing Partner: The selective licensing scheme in Bexley started on 1 October 2018 and applies to all private rented properties in four defined areas – Thamesmead North, Abbey Wood, Lower Belvedere and parts of Erith. Landlords who apply for a licence before 31 December will benefit from an early bird discount.

·       Contract Partner: The private sector leasing scheme is looking for good quality properties to lease for 3-5 years to use as long-term accommodation and landlords will receive a guaranteed monthly rental income.

·       Individual Partner: The cash incentive scheme offers landlords payments of up to £8,000 over two years and a £5,000 rent guarantee bond.

Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr Alex Sawyer said: “Today’s housing market means that more and more people are renting. The ‘rent it right’ scheme benefits landlords, tenant and residents. Landlords receive a recognised accreditation and are able to take part in schemes that could see them with guaranteed rental income and a generous cash incentive. Tenants have the reassurance that they are renting with a reliable landlord and residents can rest assured that any Rent it Right properties near them will be regularly monitored by the local authority. It’s a win win! I’m glad so many people turned up to find out more.”

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