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Recent legislation that is relevant to landlords.

Landlords Set for Speedier Evictions with Upcoming Rental Reforms

london eviction

Speedier Evictions may be possible with Upcoming Rental Reforms In light of recent legislative updates, landlords are about to experience a significant shift in the rental market. The upcoming rental reforms promise landlords faster eviction processes, which has sparked both support and criticism from various sectors. Key Takeaways from the Rental Reforms Eviction Acceleration: The main highlight of these reforms …

What landlords need to know about GDPR? | 2023


What is GDPR, and does it apply to landlords? GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. Landlords must know the data protection legislation and familiarise themselves with the GDPR legal requirements. Some private landlords who may have just one property wrongly think they do not need to comply with the privacy protection law. They should read this blog or visit …

Full guide on renter reform Bill (England) 2023

renter reform Bill

What to Expect in the renter reform Bill (England) The renter reform bill in England is a piece of legislation that seeks to improve the rights and protections of tenants who rent properties. Here is a full guide on what the renter reform bill might contain: Abolition of “no-fault” evictions: One of the most significant features of the renter reform …

Important Changes to Housing Law in Wales


Rent Homes (Wales) Act 2019 From 1 December 2022, everyone who rents a home in Wales will have an ‘occupation contract’. An occupation contract is an agreement between a tenant or licensee called the ‘contract-holder’ – and their landlord. Most people who rent their home from a private landlord will get a particular kind of occupation contract called a ‘standard …

Does the tenancy deposit schemes apply in Wales?


Latest on deposit schemes that apply in Wales Does the tenancy deposit schemes apply in Wales? Following the implementation of significant changes in Wales to housing law, many landlords have been left with many question marks as they begin to relearn their legal obligations and the new terminology. One issue in particular that many landlords have been enquiring with our …

Debt respite Scheme: Tenant breathing space legislation guide for landlord


What is Breathing Space? We explore various types of breathing spaces, the legal protection for debtors, and creditor action options. For all parties concerned, if a debt solution can be reached with the aid of a debt advice provider, this will be a much and cheaper route for most landlords. Protection Standard Breathing Space The standard breathing space can affect …

UK Interest Rate History – dramatic 300 year Base Rate graph

base rate

Interest Rate Graph Under the recent impact of the global financial crisis, the UK base interest rate fell to its lowest level for over 300 years. This is due partly due to the economy being depressed; low-interest rates help stimulate the economy. The Ukraine war, high energy prices and rapid inflation in the UK and worldwide have meant a rate …

HMO, Bedsits and common areas Coronavirus infection Guide


What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?    With a rising number of confirmed coronavirus cases, so far, about 6.19 Million worldwide. The public is anxious about how to protect the spaces they move in, like the tube, office cubicles or apartment buildings. The most common symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) maybe a recent onset of a continuous cough and a high …

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