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Recent Landlord News

Recent landlord news.

BLA Membership

Landlord Associations

The British Landlord Association is the 2nd largest landlord association in the UK, covering England, Wales and Scotland. It is the only association that also covers commercial and residential landlords.  MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS   Direct free legal advice from experienced housing lawyers Full support for commercial landlords, documents, and advice All documents a landlord or letting agent may require Latest tenancy …

Landlord Electrical Safety inspection report (EICR) 2021 Guide

Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations

What is an EICR? It is an abbreviation for an electrical installation condition report (EICR). The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 came into force on 1 June 2020. It and applies to all tenancies created on or after that date in England from 1 July 2020. The regulation requires residential properties to have a …

How to deal with a tenant deposit dispute | Fair deposit deductions 2021

deposit deductions

Tenant Deposit dispute & deposit deducts: Introduction After the tenant has successfully paid the deposit, the landlord needs to protect the deposit in a government-backed tenant deposit protection scheme. Even if the tenant has paid part of the deposit and not paid the remainder promised deposit you must protect within 30 days what you have received. Many landlords make the …

Ark Compliance Platform for Landlords: It’s Free


Ark Compliance Ark Compliance is a hassle-free way to track and store all your essential compliance documents. Designed specifically for landlords, Ark Compliance will automatically detect which documents you have uploaded and remind you when they’re due for renewal. And even better – it’s FREE! Ark Compliance is the #1 place for landlords to know they’re compliant and comes with a raft …

Free Landlord Helpline for UK Landlords 2021

landlord helpline

Landlord helpline gives members direct access to practising housing lawyers, who are specialists in housing law. The landlord helpline is managed by BLA consultants who are experienced in dealing with bad tenants.  The law relating to the Letting industry can be complicated, more so due to COVID-19 and the recent regulations. The BLA legal team can help to ease the …

Forfeiture of lease – Forfeiting Commercial lease under COVID-19


Forfeiture of Lease 2021 It is possible for a landlord to unwittingly lose the right to forfeiture of lease by taking steps that recognise the continued existence of the lease. This is where the landlord or an agent acts explicitly by recognising the continued existence of the lease and communicating this to the tenant. However, under the Coronavirus emergency legislation, …

Best landlord insurance for multiple properties | 2021

Multi insurance

How do I insure multiple rental properties? With multi-property landlord rental property insurance, it is easier to manage and is likely to be cheaper. Some insurers do offer Landlord insurance policies that are one policy that covers all your rental properties. You will be able to choose the levels of cover you require that best suits your need. Public liability …

How to deal with landlord Tenant harassment | Guide 2021


What is Landlord Harassment? Landlord harassment of tenants usually occurs when a landlord feels they cannot wait for the correct eviction process. They may want to urgently sell the property.  This may be due to financial problems or mortgage arrears. Due to COVID-19 and the delayed eviction process, some landlords attempt to harass the renter to leave voluntarily. Sometimes can’t …

How to Comply with GDPR – landlord agent Guide 2021


GDPR Definitions Data Protection Act 1988 (DPA): Gives individuals the right to know what information is held about them. It provides a framework to ensure that personal information is managed to protect the subject’s privacy.   Data Sharing: this term covers a wide range of circumstances in which personal data is transferred from one organisation to another.   Data controller: This is an …

Rent repayment orders (RRO) Tenants successfully claim back £35,000


What is a rent repayment order? Rent Repayment Orders (RRO) is usually imposed on a landlord when the local authorities licensing legislation has been breached. Rent repayment orders are how a tenant or local authority can ask a landlord to pay back up to 12 months of Rent, Housing Benefit, or Universal Credit. If the landlord is an individual or …

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