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Recent Landlord News

Recent landlord news.

The Complete Guide to Property Management Services


What to look for when Letting Property If you are thinking about investing in real estate properties, you will have to learn about the importance of having a good property manager for your investment. This blog will be quite helpful for those who are thinking about this issue. You can read about our property management company, from its history to …

7 top tips how to evict a tenant quickly under Coronavirus


Eviction process under COVID-19 Under Covid-19, the UK government has passed legislation hitherto to prevent landlords from evicting their tenants. First, we had the total ban on evictions in March this was again extended in August. Then the Government introduced extended eviction notice periods from 2 months for section 21 to 6 months’ notice period. For section 8 notice the …

How to rent a property if you have bad credit history

Credit checks

Tenant Credit Checks Credit checks are a crucial element of the letting process. It saves landlords the headache of dealing with bad tenants later on at a considerable expense. One of the leading national tenant eviction companies, Landlord Advice UK, recently conducted a survey. The survey revealed that for all possession claims issued under section 8 Notice for rent arrears, …

Squatters in commercial and residential property – Squatters rights to claim and own property


What is squatting? Squatting is a term used where people enter and stays in a building or land without the consent of the legal owner. Squatters are also known and called trespassers. Squatting in residential properties in the UK is illegal and a squatter can be arrested. Under current legislation, if a squatter is found guilty, they can be sent …

Letting agent redress schemes (LARS) and the Property Redress Scheme

Property Redress Scheme

Letting agent redress schemes (LARS) Complain to an independent redress scheme if your agent does not resolve a complaint about their service regarding your rental property. What is a (LARS) letting agent redress scheme? This scheme can resolve disputes between property agents and their customers regarding rental property. Both property managers, landlords and tenants can complain to a scheme. The …

Managing Finances of Your Rental Property

Rental Property

How to Manage rental property finances The main goal of most rental property owners is to have a stable income and profit. As a real estate investor, there are loads of things that need to be kept in mind to achieve a profitable and successful rental business. Even though rental business is considered as a passive income business, rental business …

What’s the difference between an HMO and a property that’s not an HMO?


What is an HMO? HMO The abbreviation stands for a House in Multiple Occupation. Several types of accommodation could fall under this definition. It does depend on how many people are living on the property and what the living arrangements are. As a rule, where there are three or more tenants in a property who make up more than one …

Is our housing market about to crash?

UK housing market market crash

Coronavirus UK – Will Our Housing Market Crash 2021? Until very recently, the UK housing market was at its strongest before the EU referendum. It is good to be optimistic; however, we must not delude ourselves to the reality of a pending financial crisis due to the Coronavirus. Few commentators, nevertheless, are making upbeat predictions for our housing market performance …

Key facts about tax for furnished holiday lettings owners

holiday letings tax

Tax for furnished holiday lettings   The ongoing British “staycation boom” is welcome news for furnished holiday lettings (FHL) property owners throughout the UK. Although international travel restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic have been a key driver in 2021, the UK furnished holiday lettings market has shown strong, growing demand for years. That is expected to continue.  The UK furnished …

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