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Recent Landlord News

Recent landlord news.

HMO’s – Letting Without a HMO Property License

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Houses in Multiple Occupation (‘HMO’) require licensing under Part 3 of the Housing Act 2004. Mandatory HMO licensing applies to any HMO which is let to 5 or more people that are from 2 or more households (families). Some councils also require other HMO’s to be licensed. Some councils require all private landlords to get a licence. It is a criminal …

Pervert landlord watched tenants having sex and made 180 videos of naked women after installing hidden cameras


Paul Dunster, 59, from Portsmouth in Hampshire, would also watch his tenants showering and made films of his unsuspecting victims over 10 years. A pervert landlord watched his tenants having sex and showering after planting hidden cameras in their rooms. A court Paul Dunster, 59, made a staggering 183 videos of unsuspecting naked women who rented rooms from him over 10 years …

Quiet Enjoyment and Noisy Work where do you stand as a Landlord?


Timothy Taylor Ltd v Mayfair House Corporation and another [2016] EWHC 1075 (Ch) The tenant operated a high-class art gallery from the ground floor and basement of a five-storey building in Mayfair. Under the 20 years lease, the landlord reserved an express right to alter or rebuild the building, even if the gallery (or its use or enjoyment) was materially affected. It …

A Guide To Tax Changes Impacting Landlords


Landlord Tax One in 10 people now own a second house.  Yet, despite it being a fruitful investment, tax legislation surrounding landlords remains largely unclear. Taxes associated with buy-to-let property are collectively known as ‘landlord tax’. To make matters more complicated, such legislation is varied and complete, comprehensive advice is scarce. With that being the case, we thought it would …

Latest Trends In The Buy To Let Market


3 Major Trends In The Buy To Let Market As mortgage advisors, we’re constantly providing advice to buy to let landlords and the trends that we’re noticing. 2019 will see a lot of changes in the lettings industry so we’ve put this guide together in anticipation of what it means for landlords. 1. Rental increases. The ban on letting agent …

Landlords need to be aware of Rules for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)


The Government have a new set of rules for landlords with respect to houses of multiple occupation. These have been in place as of the 1st of October 2018. The new rules work alongside further legislation from the last five years. Put in place by the Government. The letting Industry has had to deal with two lots of legislation every year for …

All Landlords will be required to join a redress scheme

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James Brokenshire the Communities Secretary has today announced that private landlords will be legally required to become members of a redress scheme. Landlords who are required to register, but fail to do so could face a fine of up to £5,000. Redress scheme for Landlords All private landlords in the UK are to be forced to join a redress scheme …

Property Investors using social media platform for faster transactions


My Backyard property platform is exciting the investment community as investors around the globe have signed up on the platform and already networking to find opportunities and speed up transactions. The platform as a single global real-estate OTC exchange, run on blockchain, is truly unique. Its raison d’être is to speed up transactions & create value through greater connectivity. Network …

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