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Recent Landlord News

Recent landlord news.

If I transfer a property to my son without payment, will we still be liable for stamp duty?


Transferring property to a family member One of the most frequently asked question that The BLA members ask our Landlord Advice line is about transferring property to a family member. As many landlords know the tax rules have changed and new one’s continue to pound landlords. Q. I own a property with my son jointly owned with him, the property …

Know Thy Occupier…..Or Risk a Cannabis Farm on your Land


Know Thy Occupier Let’s set the scene first…. A bare licence for land with stabling for 2 horses on a personal licence only, (so very limited rights for the licensee and gives the licensor far more flexibility). Fast forward to 10 years continued occupation, a nominal licence fee paid and everyone seemingly on good relations. Client wants the land back …

How to get Universal Credit paid to you (Landlord) directly?

how to get Universal Credit paid directly to you?

What is Universal Credit? Universal Credit is a monthly payment for people who are either unemployed, or working but on a low income. It will eventually replace all of the following benefits and tax credits: Income Support Child Tax Credit Housing Benefit Working Tax Credit Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance Income-related Employment and Support Allowance Section 11 of the Welfare Reform Act …

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