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Recent Landlord News

Recent landlord news.

Halifax warns – UK property prices are at the Mercy of the Coronavirus

Halifax coronavirus warning

In 2019 the UK property market was deflated, due to the uncertainty, because of Brexit. With Brexit uncertainty out of the way. Would-be buyers, that were on the sidelines, have entered the property arena.  The recent data shows that; the UK property market was showing signs of recovery.  Coronavirus – it could impact the UK property market Now, all eyes …

Latest Guide 2020 Housing Benefit (Universal Credit) for Landlords & Tenants


On the 28th of February 2020, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has updated the guidance, on Universal Credit. The intention is to help landlords, deal with tenants, who receive benefits. This guide is our condensed version for private landlords and tenants. Introduction Universal Credit Tenants who are on Universal Credit, have an online Universal Credit account to manage …

As Coronavirus causes airline bookings to slump to Zero, what are landlords duties to a tenant?


Due to Coronavirus Airbnb bookings down 50% February is traditionally the low season for the UK tourism industry due, to the cold weather.   Trevor Shaw, who runs an Airbnb hosting service, said: “this right now is looking particularly bad on our bookings. last year around this period we were fully booked up till the end of March. Now our booking …

Does Dubai still offer the best real estate returns in 2020?


Dubai’s real estate may offer the best returns Real estate in Dubai offer yields between 7% and 10.5%, according to the Property Finder Trends report, which has recently been published. Property agents have reported, a slight increase in UK landlords investing in Dubai. The UK government has published guidance for UK investors, should they wish to buy property in the …

Irish illegal Cannabis farm lost £46 Million Bitcoin fortune after codes were thrown out

cannabis farmer loses 46 million

An Irish drug dealer, Mr Clifton Collins, has lost his £46 million Bitcoin fortune, in an unusual set of circumstances. Mr Collins is currently in prison, serving a prison sentence.  Mr Collins is said to be initially from Crumlin, a working-class district of Dublin.  He worked as a security guard and a beekeeper. He then set up cannabis farms from …

£14,000 deposit from a landlord, by a tenant, rejected by Upper Tribunal

scotland Tenant not entitled to repayment

A tenant tried to sue a landlord for repayment of his deposit shy of £14,000. The tenant claimed, that the pre-payment arrangement was a “requirement” and this was “imposed” upon him, by the landlord. The Upper Tribunal for Scotland refused an appeal against a decision of the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber). The appeal was rejected because …

Repossessions continue to rise, despite low interest rates


Mortgaged properties taken into possession continue to rise. This is according to figures recently published by UK Finance and the government. Despite low-interest rates, which make it easier for people to pay mortgages, many people find their homes repossessed when they are unable to pay their mortgage. A total of 1,330 mortgaged properties, were taken into possession in the 4th …

Landlords Top tips for landlords to keep their boilers in check

tips for landlords boiler breakdown

Last winter saw a record number of claims for faulty boilers according to a new analysis by landlord insurer Direct Line for Business. Claims rose 5.2% last year compared to the winter of 2015/16. The volume of claims for faulty boilers has been consistently increasing for the last five years. With the Met Office predicting temperatures as low as -9C …

Released – RICS 2020 Code for leasing business premises

new 2020 RICS code of practice

Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales After an extensive period of consultation, RICS has this week released the new “Code for renting business premises”.  The code makes recommendations on each of the topics, and these are not mandatory. The suggestions are to be adopted, as good practices. These include a list of matters to consider when the …

Snail farms used to avoid paying business rates

Snail farms used to avoid paying business rates

Landlords and some businesses are using new tactics for unoccupied buildings to house “snail farms” to avoid business rates. Snail farms used to avoid business rates Bradford Council has discovered that buildings said to house snail farms were being classed as agricultural use and in turn, avoiding to pay business rates. Bradford council’s revenue and benefits team told councillors: “A …

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