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Do I Need a Solicitor to Buy a House / Property?


Do I Need a Solicitor To Buy A House / Property? When buying a residential property, a Buy to Let investment property, or a Commercial Property, we strongly recommend you use a qualified solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. If you are purchasing a property through an estate agent, they usually have solicitors they work with. However, solicitors recommended by your …

Will rise in rental income be significant change for UK?


The rise in UK rents A significant change will be the ability to have a property management expert assist more flexibly and cost-effectively in maximising your profit yield from your property’s rental income. Zoopla reported that rental growth across the UK reached 4.6 per cent between July and September, with particularly strong markets in the South West, Wales, and the …

Property Management Software Trends Landlords Should Know About

management software

Property Management Software 80% of property managers are involved in rent collection, repairs and maintenance, and the collection of fees. In addition, they are usually responsible for communicating with tenants and handling tenant queries and complaints. Being a landlord is 90% admin and 10% making deals. Managing these tasks is imperative for tenant retention and tenant satisfaction. So, how can property managers …

7 Most Welcoming Colour Combinations to Paint Your House


Best colours to decorate when renting a property Landlords are always looking for ways to attract high-quality tenants, and one way of doing this is by painting the exterior in colours that will catch the eye. Of course, you could always play it safe and paint your property in just one colour, but tenants want property managers who consider the …

7 Great Tips for local Estate Agents to target sellers with Google Ads

7 Great Tips for local Estate Agents to target sellers with Google Ads 1

Google AdWord tips for local Estate Agents  Are you a local estate agent looking to target homeowners in your area wanting to sell or rent? If so, Google Ads is the marketing channel for you. By targeting motivated homeowners who are interested in selling, you can get your name and contact information in front of them at the right time …

Renting property in Wales – What you need to know


When will the new Wales law apply? The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 comes into effect on 15 July 2022. All of the regulations made under the Act (e.g. the Fitness for Human Habitation Regulations) will also come into effect on the same date. What happens to existing Welsh tenancies? Under the new Wales law, ‘occupation contracts’ will replace existing …

How To Make A Real Estate Investment Profitable in 2022?


Making Real property investment Profitable? Real estate is one of the most popular sectors for investment. Indeed, this type of investment is ideal for sustaining your resources. However, deciding to invest in real estate is a delicate decision after long and careful consideration. To make the most of it, it is essential to make the best investment choice for yourself. …

Is our housing market about to crash?

UK housing market market crash

Will Our Housing Market Crash 2022? Until very recently, the UK housing market was at its strongest before the EU referendum with COVID-19 and now the Ukraine war UK economy is struggling. Ukraine Russia news is showing alarming new developments as the war in Ukraine intensifies. Ukraine invasion is pushing some world economies to the brink of collapse like Sri …

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