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The British Landlord Association is one of the largest national landlord association in the UK, covering England, Wales and Scotland. It is the only UK landlord association that also covers commercial and residential landlords.  MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS   Direct free legal advice from experienced housing lawyers Full support for commercial landlords, documents, and advice All documents a landlord or letting agent …

Section 21 Notice (Form 6A) Notice Period Changes in England from 1 October 2021

Section 21 Notice (Form 6A) Notice Period Changes in England from 1 October 2021 2

New section 8 & 21 Notice period The Government has passed legislation to return notice periods to their Pre-COVID-19 levels in England. The notice periods have changed multiple times to the dismay of many landlords since March 2020. Notice periods from 1 October 2021 From the 1 October 2021, notice periods will return to their Pre-COVID-19 levels. This means that …

The Top Places to Invest in the UK 2021/2022


Best Towns & Cities to invest in England There’s no doubt that it’d be difficult to find anyone that could call this past year a ‘normal’ one. With lockdowns, face masks and vaccines, it’s almost definitely a time of uncertainty for everyone. However, while it could be assumed that the UK property market, like many other sectors of the economy, …

Landlord gas safety certificate and COVID-19 | 2021


Landlord gas safety certificate Guidance 2021 Landlord gas safety certificate are required for a residential rental property each year. The checks must only be carried out by a gas safe engineer. Private landlord and corporate landlords with residential properties must all comply with the legislation. Landlords are legally responsible for their rental property and have a duty of care to …

Landlord notice to end tenancy – Tenant Giving notice to end a tenancy

ending tenancy

Landlord notice to end tenancy UK residential landlords need to understand how to create a tenancy, end the residential tenancy, and your rights and the renter’s rights.  A landlord must know what type of tenancy to use when renting a property. Shorthold tenancy and residential landlord licence agreements give different rights to the renter and property owner. During the COVID-19 …

Landlord boiler cover – Best Boiler cover deals 2021  

landlord boler cover

Landlord boiler cover   Landlord boiler cover can reduce stress, expensive call-out fees and give you peace of mind when managing your property portfolio. If a have a breakdown, then it is a matter of scrambling to get a plumber as quickly as you can. The annual boiler service reduces the frequency of breakdowns when you have a central heating …

Unprotected Deposits – The new Ambulance chasers in town


No Win No fee deposit lawyers “Ambulance chaser” is a term that has been around since 1881, when Edward Watkin of the South Eastern Railway (England) complained about lawyers who solicited business from passengers after train accidents. All businesses have suffered one way or another from the pandemic; some have closed their doors for good, others have ‘got by’ others …

Rogue Tenants: Government silent on Rogue tenants and struggling landlords


What is the government doing about Rogue tenants? This is a letter from a landlord to our government: Dear Rt Hon Robert, Jenrick, MP Housing Minister, I consider the Housing Minister’s policy grossly unfair, discriminatory, and possibly unlawful during the pandemic. I have noticed that the issue regarding the evictions postponement has seen minimal publicity for landlords in similar situations …

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