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Global Real-Estate Freedom Now a Reality – Are you ready?


Freedom to Share

My Backyard is creating a new environment where real-estate transactions are driven by communities coming together in one global marketplace with one goal, to share. Share listings, share property information and share contacts.

Presently, worldwide the marketing of properties largely excludes private sellers and private landlords. Around 25% choose to manage their own listings independently. Of those that continue with the status quo over 90% opt for the big web portals and only less than 7% choose online or even hybrid models. Despite high demand for alternative marketing solutions, uptake for proptech solutions remains limited and this trend looks set to continue whilst providers pursue the top-down model whose value proposition seems to be based primarily on offering economies of scale.

Stay Connected

My Backyard Platform turns the global real-estate market on its head with a fresh approach that allows providers to stay connected to their listings around the world, around the clock. Anyone can create listings and share their listings via social media channels to achieve a global footprint within minutes. You can list and share via Instagram, Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp…It’s that simple.

Long-Lasting Friendships

Our believe is that good business is based on long-term relationships and what the global real-estate market is missing more than anything is a space that everyone can trust and where everyone can share.

This is our call to arms. We want communities to sign-up to our platform. But don’t stop there, bring your network, your friends, family to work colleagues and start to use our platform as your social meeting point. As counter-intuitive as this may sound, this is the best way to encourage transactions because property for most is personal NOT a deal.

Key Benefits

Here are some of the key benefits of My Backyard Platform and why our approach is not only good for business, but is the best and most efficient way to accelerate deal-flows.

  1. The Familiar

The platform creates a space for users and providers to regularly engage to find opportunities which in turn helps to strengthen the relationship. Hence, when you need assistance with buying or letting property, from the mundane to life-changing, you are more likely to make My Backyard your first port of call.

  1. Property Insights

Exchanging information, experiences and goals are key benefits of networking because it allows you to gain new insights. Where to invest? How to source properties? How to raise capital? And you’ll find the answer to many more questions as you get involved with the platform and network. But also as a giver of information you can establish your reputation as a property guru or an innovator. The greater your network the more influence you will develop.

  1. Get Access to New Deals

Real-time connectivity is a key feature of the platform and a major incentive to sign-up, particularly if you want to source properties quickly long before established agents have even had a chance to list. My Backyard access to social networks and ease with sharing listings will ensure that consumers on our platform to get their foot in the door first. What is more, you can expand your contacts & find new opportunities by actively networking on the platform to ensure that you continuously stay ahead of latest developments & always find listings as soon as they go live.

  1. Step outside Your Comfort Zone

Discovering niche markets means continually putting yourself out there, connecting with new people and stepping outside your comfort zone. The more you network, the more likely you will develop new opportunities.

  1. Develop Long-lasting Relationships

Some of the strongest and most long-standing friendships arise from work connections. My Backyard is therefore much more than clever algorithms and about personal connections borne out of a common purpose, to make the job of finding property fun and simple.

  1. Peer Support

The customer journey is complex and can be often thwarted with many pitfalls. My Backyard facilitates group networking so that you can find a solid sounding board to bounce ideas off and avoid potential problems escalating. Now with a simple click on your smartphone, you can reach out via our platform to connect with like-minded contacts all too willing to give support.

Who’s On the Platform?

We’ve signed up several hundred users and providers about the same number LinkedIn had when they first started out. We now have global investors, brokers, developers and agents all already starting to network and list. These early adopters are trialling our solution and bringing on board their networks by sharing listings, news and contacts.

The Future of Global Real-Estate

This is the start of something exciting for the future generation of consumers who want a new experience where they control their listings and drive the real-estate market from the bottom-up. As Abraham Lincoln put it, “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” so let’s flip the switch and build.

We hope that you like our approach and will collaborate. It’s FREE to list and network. All we ask is that you share our solution.

How To Sign-Up

You can sign-up via our Landing Page:

Date; 5th of February 2019

Author; mybackyard

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